Gmail - Again

It’s always nice to get feedback on articles that I’ve written in the past and this week Ian McMillian wrote in to add a to the Gmail feature that I did a couple of weeks ago.To quickly recap, Gmail is the new web mail service provided by the guys at Google which is currently in Beta (test) version and only available by invite only at present.As Ian makes a few important points I thought it might be an idea to publish his letter in its entirety:

It was interesting to read your Click article about Gmail in the Herald Express on Saturday.Gmail must be one of the most talked about beta releases ever but it has still not been officially launched.Anyone who really wants a Gmail account now can have one today by buying one from eBay, for example although some Gmail user groups are giving them out for free if you know where to look.

Some other Gmail factoids:

-Gmail is unlikely to be called Gmail when it is launched in the UK as a company that is already using this name has complained, and a similar complaint has been made in Germany.It will probably be called to get around this problem.

-Having a Gmail account means that you can personalise your Google page to include your latest Gmail, news headlines, weather etc.Gmail users can also use Google’s instant messaging service which is also on beta test.

-Gmail is not limited to web mail use as is often thought.It can be downloaded via Outlook Express using and as the servers.

-Some people have had problems with the Gmail web mail interface because it uses a lot of JavaScript which is blocked by some browsers.To get around this problem the Gmail web mail interface also has a plain HTML version.

-Gmail has already got its critics who say that the privacy of messages on it will be compromised by Google’s policies.There is a website called Gmail is too Creepy at which looks at some of the issues raised in this area.

Gmail will be huge when it is finally launched and will probably force Hotmail and Yahoo! into offering similar services.I am pleased with the service that it offers and that I managed to get the name that I wanted by getting in early.Hopefully you like your Gmail username as well.

Ian MacMillan, via e-mail

Personally, I think that the release of Gmail is going to shake up the web mail industry as previously services such as Hotmail have trundled along quite happily offering an extremely basic service loaded with adverts without any real competition.Gmail should offer some real improvements on these basic services with minimal advertising and for those of you that missed my original article on Gmail please check out to get a copy.

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