Google Adsense

Obviously running your own website can be a time consuming and sometimes slightly costly affair and so it is only fair that you should expect to get something back for your efforts.Google Adsense is a program designed to allow webmasters to make a little bit of profit out of those that visit their websites by exposing them to targeted text based adverts.

The idea is that you sign up online and then install the code Google give you on your own site somewhere you think that it will draw attention without messing up the styling of your site.Whenever someone visits your site from that moment on Google will check out the context of the page that they’re viewing and display adverts along a similar theme.If one of your visitors clicks on the advert then you will get money for that click which is based on a percentage of the fee that the advertiser will in turn pay to Google.At the end of the month Google then sends you a cheque for the months earnings.

So far, so good; there are many readers of Click who may be bored of getting nothing back from their website and Adsense is a way to improve the situation however there are a few things to bear in mind:

1) Pages with single theme topics are highly effective.

2) Targeting effectiveness increases over time.
3) Highly descriptive website file names tend to improve context.
4) Domain names that clearly specify what you are all about tend to improve context

5) Although the adverts are targeted they don’t rotate too well which will lead to frequent visitors to your site viewing the same adverts over and over therefore reducing your click through rate.

The amount of money you earn really depends primarily on how much advertisers are bidding for on related keywords.For example, if you were to run a site talking about mens sexual health you could make an absolute killing on AdSense because of the high level of competition between companies bidding for advertising space in this market on the Internet.If, in comparison you ran a site that focused on a real niche market with little competition the advertisers would generally be paying Google a lot less per click so you in turn would receive less.

Not all websites can join Google Adsense; they do have to be approved first and meet a number of policy guidelines which dictate the number of adverts that can be placed on a specific site, the type of page you can put adverts on and so on.

The main disadvantage I can see from Google Adsense is that when a user clicks on an advert they are taken away from your site so it is certainly not suitable for a site that is already being used for commercial purposes.Not only would you be displaying your competitors adverts but in addition if one of your potential customers did want to compare products they would be immediately be taken away from yours!So to summarise, the scheme is a good way of making money for those webmasters who don’t have a commercial agenda for their site.If you wish to apply for an account or for more information you should visit

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