GoZilla Review

A useful utility that I briefly touched on back at the beginning of March called GoZilla was recently installed back on my hard drive for a large download that I was attempting to retrieve from the Adobe Website.The essential feature that caused me to choose to use this program is that it allows you to resume failed downloads from where they broke off; after all, I didn’t want to spend 15 hours downloading one file just for it to break up half way through and for me to have to start again.This ability to resume broken downloads is an important feature for many home users - Even when the file you are downloading off the Internet is relatively small, it is still an inconvenience if someone is to pick up the phone half way though or you get disconnected for some other reason.With Gozilla installed, if this does happen then simply reconnect to the Internet and choose to resume the download and GoZilla will pick up from where it left off.

Addition features present in the software allow you to download from multiple connections at once so if you are downloading from a very slow website (say you’re getting a maximum of 1 kilobyte per second) then GoZilla can open up 5 connections at once so you’d then achieve a speed of 5k/s.The software will download your file in 5 different parts from these locations and then quite successfully stitch them all together, this quite obviously results in much faster downloads from certain slower sites.If you attempt to download a file that has been deleted from a website then GoZilla will automatically search the Internet for identical files and will offer to download one for you.This is a very nice feature as it usually comes back with quite a few relevant results.

All these features integrate quite nicely into your browser so that whenever you try to download from the Internet, Gozilla pops up automatically.If you wish to bypass it on one occasion then this option is also available to you.

The software itself is paid for by advertising only; a policy that has caused much controversy in the Internet community as the program used to power GoZillas advertising monitors your surfing activity so it can more target advertising based on the user.This controversy is something about the Internet community that I have never fully understood – It seems that everybody wants the Internet to be free of charge but as soon as a company attempts to fund itself through targeted advertising then there is something of an outcry.The software doesn’t know your name, address or any other important information, just the products that you’d be most interested in based on your browsing habits but still people get quite paranoid about being spied on.Personally I receive plenty of targeted advertising through my home mailbox every day from companies that know my name, address, personal details etc. but this doesn’t cause me to get on my soapbox every morning and complain about the intrusion of my privacy.There are plenty of alternative programs available on the Internet, such as NetAnts or GetRight but to be honest I’m happy with GoZilla, even if it is slightly intrusive.

The program is free to download from www.gozilla.com so I at least recommend that you have a look to see if you could possibly benefit from it.


About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.