How Stuff Works

We’ve all been in the situation; you’re sat down the pub or with at home with the family and the subject of conversation moves towards ‘how this work…..’ or ‘what does happens when…..’ and more often or not it is discovered that no one knows the answer so it is changed just as quickly as it began.Things aren’t that simple however so for the rest of the day you’re left with the nagging feeling that you want to know exactly how a compact disk works, how rainbows are formed or how exactly an Amish guy lives.

Luckily, as we all know the Internet is a vast archive of useful information although it is often hard for the beginner to find exactly what it is they are looking for through a search engine and so finding a good quality unbiased answer to your question can be tedious.Luckily a site that makes things a lot easier for beginners and experienced users alike is one of my favourites, and by tapping this page into your browser you are instantly taken to a page which is well laid out and very well written, covering a variety of interesting subjects.

The site is primarily split into nine main topics; Computer Stuff, Auto Stuff, Electronics Stuff, Science Stuff, Home Stuff, Entertainment Stuff, Money Stuff, Travel Stuff and People Stuff with each one containing a large amount of interesting information written by a variety of professional editors.Originally founded by Marshall Brain in 1998, the electrical engineer and former teacher started posting his well-organized essays online and to this date the fact that the site is still accurate and well organised is the true reason for its success.Now with half a dozen editors which have all been selected for their knowledge, English and research skills this webpage now also has a warehouse where they dispatch books and CD’s via their Internet sales site which helps keep the content of free of charge.

The layout of the site is such that you can go online just for a browse as opposed to it being a resource simply to answer specific questions you may have.As soon as the site opened up particular subjects, usually relating to issues of the day instantly intrigue; subjects such as ‘Outbreak – How SARS works’, ‘Radiation Attack - How Dirty Bombs Work’ so although this obviously makes quite depressing reading in the current world climate, in other times it may become slightly more light-hearted.Some of the articles are quite random such as ‘How does grass work’ but again this adds to the comprehensive nature of the site.The adverts that help pay for the sites maintenance are non intrusive and don’t detract from the overall quality of the site which is in most instances quite astounding.

Again, like most good Internet sites is free of charge so it’s certainly worth a look whether your interest is purely for educational purposes or also for pleasure


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