Apple iPad Mini

Again there is a revolutionary invention by Apple, iPad Mini. iPad Mini is just the smaller version of iPad. The word “smaller” might leave an impression that it will not be capable of supporting all the apps, which are supported by its elder brother iPad. However, let us make it very clear that all 275,000 iPad apps are supported by iPad Mini. Let us have a quick look at few of the features of iPad Mini, which might help you to know this device better.

The old traditional 10-inch screen has been reduced to 7.9-inch screen; it is sleek and has a glossy appearance. It weighs around 0.68 pounds and 7.2 mm thick that means it is 53 % lighter than its previous versions, which is great. Isn’t it?


If we have a look at the Kindle Fire HD, we can see that it has LTE connectivity which is way too expensive. The same goes with iPad Mini, the version with LTE connectivity is very expensive. However, it has 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it once again outshines regular Fire HD and Nexus 7 that are normal Wi-Fi build devices.


If you compare this version with an iPad2, you may find it has similar processor specification as this also has dual-core A5 processor. We are not sure about the configuration of RAM, though. Probably, it would have the same 512 MB like its previous version or there are chances that they will upgrade it too.

When it comes to storage, it may come either with 16 GB or 32 GB or 64 GB storage capacity. Apple has claimed that it provides 10 hours of battery life, even when you are watching videos, playing games or listening to music. That makes it to stand out of the crowd, of similar gadgets.

The quality of the camera is a very important factor to consider, as it is very important for video calls and other purposes. It is no more a feature, which was once meant only for entertainment. iPad Mini has a front end facing HD camera, which is of 1.2 Megapixels. This is better than what iPad 2 has. Like its older version, the back end camera is of 5 Megapixels, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD lacks in this regard.

It has a lightning port that can be seen in almost all iOS devices.

Did we mention that the screen of iPad Mini is too smart to detect whether your finger is resting on it, or you’re really using it to work on it and it acts accordingly? This, we must say, is a super cool feature which has been added by Apple Corp.

Pricing and availability:

If you have an expectation that you will be getting this iPad Mini with a huge drop in price, then we would say that your expectation from this version is too high! The Wi-Fi version is available at $329. If you want to get LTE connectivity as well, then you need to pay $130 more, the more you pay better will be the functionality.

iPad Mini will hit the shelves of US stores and two weeks after that, it will be available globally (probably). If you’re game for this version, then you can place your order on 26th of October and get it on 2nd of November.

We would like to add that the price is a matter of concern for the price sensitive markets, although the young buyers would be definitely excited about its features. However we will know how much this model will be successful only after it hits the stores, globally. Till then, let us wait and watch.


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