iPhone Part 2

Whilst I dedicated an article to the iPhone when it was first announced I haven’t touched on the subject since.This was until my Sony handset broke a few weeks back and for what seems like an eternity whilst I wait for it to be repaired, I’ve been left using a four year old girly pink clamshell Samsung phone borrowed off my girlfriends sister.

The fact I’m now using a handset which I’m afraid to use in public for fear of ridicule has somehow made me appreciate how much of a statement your mobile phone makes about you; similar to the watch on your wrist or the shoes on your feet.Whilst I have never considered such things particularly important and would never advocate living your life by third party perspective, I doubt I would ever go out wearing a watch won from an arcade grab machine or a pair of plastic sandals on my feet.

I fear that having to carry around a pink handset which even a twelve year old schoolgirl would be ashamed of may have actually turned me insane and now owning an Apple iPhone now seems like quite an appealing proposition; even if nothing else, at least the newly sparked rumours surrounding my sexuality would be quashed.

A few mates have recently invested in the second generation of the iPhone and whilst there is no excusing the smug look that darts across their face whenever given the excuse to get the phone out in public, there is no denying that it would appear to be a desirable piece of kit.If by any chance you haven’t ever seen one, the iPhone is a mobile phone handset which instead of having the conventional screen and key combination, it simply has one large touch screen and you navigate your way around by pointing, tapping and dragging your fingers across the intuitive menu system.

Whilst the first was very much groundbreaking the 3G version released a couple of months back does add a number of improvements to the original.Whilst just as beautiful and slim, the new model features:

-3G support which provides the mobile with significantly faster data transfer speeds if in a 3G covered area

-Updated software providing a number of bug fixes and new third party applications

-Revised headphone socket; a huge problem for users of the original iPhone is that many standard headphones wouldn’t fit in the recessed headphone socket; this presented a huge problem since the phone is targeted primarily towards users that appreciate a convergence of a traditional mobile phone and an iPod audio player

-An integrated GPS receiver so you can easily see your current position and surrounding area on screen as well as obtaining directions to a desired location without any additional hardware or software.

There are dozens of other little tweaks and fixes that Apple have integrated in to this handset which whilst not providing reason enough for those with an original iPhone to immediately upgrade, does make the idea more appealing to those that currently don’t own one.Unfortunately it is still exclusively on O2 and whilst it will still cost a small fortune on pay as you go, the 8GB version is free of several of their contracts.I could never warrant recommending that a pay as you go customer spend £350 on this handset but if you’re on a contract anyway and can get the unit either discounted or free then you will get a lot of technology for your money.

I’m approaching my 27thbirthday and so far have gone my entire life without ever having purchased an Apple product so personally I think I’m going to wait to see what the recently announced Nokia Tube and Google G1 touch screen handsets have to offer.


About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.