It’s been a while now since I’ve talked about a mobile phone in Click so with Apple unveiling the new iPhone I thought it was about time we looked at this eagerly awaited product.At last weeks MacWorld Expo many anticipated the announcement of this new phone along with a new version of the iPod but instead they saw a combination of the two devices in a single product.There is a large amount of extra technology thrown in for good measure which is why I feel this product deserves a mention in a predominately computer based article.

The iPhone looks very different to other mobile phones that we have become accustomed too as rather than using a keypad underneath a conventional screen the iPhone dispenses with buttons altogether.This has been achieved as happy have made the device essentially one big touch screen - The obvious advantage to this is that the device can remain the same size as existing models on the market whilst giving the user a larger screen and a larger user interface.

With regards to actually navigating around this phone you can move through the menu options by using a system called ‘multi-touch’ which doesn’t just sense you touching the screen but also in what way you are moving your fingers and how many of them you are using.The system is intelligent enough to detect accidental clicks and when you go to actually make a call the phone will sense that you have moved the phone to your ear to prevent you touching buttons on the touch screen with your face.

As one would expect from a modern day phone the iPhone supports Bluetooth, has a 2 megapixal digital camera and includes a host of applications but there are several extras that you’d be hard pressed to find on any over phone in the market at the moment which I’ve covered below.

First off we have the widescreen iPod function and whilst it is true that most modern handsets include an MP3 player these often lack in terms of the interface used and the screen employed by the phone.The iPhone benefits from a large 3.5 inch screen which means that not only can you easily navigate your favourite songs but you can also watch movies in widescreen on the unit.

Additionally the handset supports Wi-Fi and has a built in Safari browser.Existing handsets have typically stumbled at providing Internet access due to slow connection speeds, a limited display size and problems using a simple keypad to navigate your way around.With an iPhone however you could connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and then browse the Internet at high speed on the large touch screen.

There are of course a number of downsides to this particular phone and unfortunately these are so serious that they could possibly constitute a death warrant.The iPhone itself will most likely not enter the UK market until the end of 2007 and as at present the US version is set for a costly $499 purchase price in addition to a 12 month contract.Additionally in the US the phone is only being made available to one selected network and if this is the case in the UK then coupled with the high release price Apple may find it very difficult making sales.

To allow these above factors to worry those wanting such an advanced handset would be a little bit premature.The reason for this in my mind is that the important consideration is that we’re looking at a product which will become available to us in the future and not something we could realistically go out and buy today.Technology has a habit of being copied very quickly and efficiently and now the iPhone has been announced you can be sure other manufacturers will be scrambling to create their own versions which will most likely be cheaper and available on all networks - excellent for the consumer.


About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.