Whilst you’re reading this weeks Click article, please spare a thought for me as I’m more than likely stuck behind an extremely slow moving caravan on the A303 on my way back from London at this precise moment.Luckily you don’t all have to spend your bank holiday weekend in such an unfortunate fashion; there is plenty of exciting stuff that you can do in your few days off and all you need is someone to point it out to you.

A site I’ve reviewed before in the past ( has currently got a special topical section dedicated to Easter breaks.Of course, you’ll have to act quickly to take advantage of many of them but if you’ve got nothing planned then why not get your credit card out, get on to the site, book something and then jump straight in the car.Spontaneity is a fantastic thing.

The beauty of is that you can simply go onto the site and specify as many or as few criteria for your trip as you require.I’ve often found the best idea is to just go online, specify that you have to be back by a certain date (Bank holiday Monday for example) and then say asides from that you’re really not fussed where you go or what you do.Some of the ideas it comes up with are really original and probably involve something you really would never have thought of.

As well as booking short and long stay holidays the site has plenty of ideas for days out, musical events, restaurant bookings, sports & theatre events and miscellaneous UK activities.At times I wish that I wasn’t self employed so that I could just take off every weekend leaving the choice of where I go almost entirely with; Friday after work I’d get a few mates together, head to the site, specify that I had to be back by Monday and then just go wherever it recommended.It would be a fantastic way to see what the UK & Europe has to offer and wouldn’t be overly expensive.

If you feel that it’s too late to do anything with this Easter break then it may still be an idea to head to the site to take a look around as not all the holidays that you book have to be last minute deals; you could start planning for the summer for example.Amongst the areas available for searching from within the site are cruise deals, car hire, ferry tickets, flights, hotels, full holidays, Ski breaks and the list goes on.

It may also be worth mentioning that they do have an unusual gift section which is fantastic for picking up something different for those special occasions; I once named a star after somebody I was seeing at the time by visiting; corny I know but it did prove to be a talking point that Christmas.Why not buy someone a talking robot, an acre of moon, make them a lord or a lady, adopt a tiger/panda/otter/dolphin/donkey on their behalf – These gifts may not be particularly useful but the person you give it too will certainly appreciate it more than yet another pair of socks.

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