Likely Top 5 Mobile Apps in 2013

For a company, mobile applications serve multifold benefits. Modern software can organizes work routines while on the go and allow corporate meetings without commuting.


These apps have added to the scope of communication, location tracking, learning, gaming and entertainment thereby causing a sudden boost in the mobile application development industry. They are fast gaining significance for companies who wish to promote their products and services to smartphone users.

Trend wise, it is the mobile game applications that are most popular in the mobile app stores. We expect more game applications will be created by mobile application development companies to engage users while teaching them more about business activity.

Most Popular Mobile Apps in 2013
We expect the following top applications to lead others in terms of popularity in 2013.

The most popular application of 2012, Facebook can be used to market a company’s products and services while keeping connected to the target market. Customized Facebook applications allow companies to launch specials, showcase products and organize polls and giveaways for all mobile users on the go. The use of a company logo and corporate colors add a corporate look and style to the mobile app.

Mobile Tracker:
Companies such as movers, cab companies and car sales can create an application similar to the Mobile Tracker to allow users to track their friends anywhere in the world. All you have to do is enter their phone number, and using Google Maps the application will point the location of your friend.

All entrepreneurs who use smartphones or tablets and want to organize their day will use Evernote (there are free and subscription versions). It allows them to keep track of meetings, seminars and conferences. It also lets sales people save notes on client meetings and share the same while on the go. Most startups like the ease and convenience of using this app as it is more cost effective than commuting.

EchoSign for iOS by Adobe
This mobile app allows users to use digital signatures instead of signing hard copies and scanning the same. This helps traveling sales reps to get all contracts signed quickly. Users are able to send, sign and manage all sales documents from within the application. No need to carry paper-based contracts, now you can send the contract using EchoSign. Mobile app development companies can create e-signatures to promote your business.

Meeting Mapper
Meeting Mapper documents all the minutes of the meeting for easy sharing with colleagues and peers. You can select the stance and roles of all participants, and the information about the meeting once collected can be exported as a PDF and emailed. Or upload the same to your CRM application, SharePoint or save it on your PC.

Busy people also like to use Workshare and Basecamp. While companies involved with social media marketing can’t do without Tweetr, Tweetbot for Twitter, Google+, Hootsuite and Roost by Vertical Response. Mobile application development companies can create all types of apps to suit your business needs.


About the Author - This piece was created by Roland Hartford, a freelancer based in the great city of Richmond, Virginia who often contributes articles on tech subjects.