Chris Holgate is the Director of Refresh Systems Ltd / Refresh Cartridges and has an article published weekly in the local Torbay paper, the Herald Express. Please feel free to browse the online archive of his work.

Articles 2006:

Google Web Accelerator

Articles 2005:
Charity Collection
Microsoft Anti-Spyware
MSN Search
Windows XP Powertoys
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Readers Questions
Virtual Memory
Windows XP Power Options
Easter Eggs
Mozilla Thunderbird
Voice Over IP
Printer Cartridges
BroadBand Britain
Election 2005
Readers Questions
Online Fax Machine
Charity Support
Computer Club
XBox 360
Rogue Diallers
Windows XP Themes
Google Maps
Mozilla Sunbird
Google Earth
Zip Files
BBC Website
Readers Suggestions
Undeleting Files
SSC Service Utility
Digital Photography
Internet Content Filters
U Switch
E-mail etiquette
Readers Questions
Happy Birthday Windows
Windows Vista
Compatible & Remanufactured Cartridges
Calling Services
Free Serif Software
Google Mail
Money Saving Guide
GMail - Again
Google Adsense
Freeware Files

Articles 2004:

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation #2
Search Engine Optimisation #3
Nokia N-Gage
Pigment Based Inks
Google Toolbar
BT Backup
Readers Questions
WinAmp Add-Ins
Removing Start Up Programs
Opera Browser
Music Converter
Prices of Inkjet Cartridges
Sasser Virus
Online Virus Scan
DVD Writing
DVD Writing #2
Health and Fitness
Telewest Broadband
Online Betting
Euro 2004
Toms Hardware
Useful Websites
Remanufactured Toner
Bluetooth Technology
Readers Questions
Epson RX600 Review
Web Hosting Providers
Digital TV
Windows XP Service Pack 2
DAB Digital Radio
Software Updates
What's On When
Cooking Guides
Weather Guides
Red Letter Days
PC Anywhere
AVG 7.0
Death of the Floppy
Artificial Intelligence
Christmas Cards

Articles 2003:

Readers Questions
Telewest Feedback
Telewest Feedback #2
Readers Questions
Readers Questions #2
Compatible Cartridges
Yahoo Launch
Intrusive Programs
'Easter Eggs'
News Channels
USB Flash Devices
Kartoo Search Engine
Fraudulent E-mails
Encarta Online
Chess Online
Web Space
How Stuff Works
Readers Questions
Remanufactured cartridges
Readers Questions
Readers Questions
Readers Questions
Talk to Frank
Computer Cleanup
Multifunction Devices
Computer Cleanup
Computer Cleanup
Kazaa Lite
Readers Questions
Faxing from your PC
Virus Hoaxes
Broadband Religion
Windows Messenger
Car insurance online
RPC Bug Continued
MSN Add Ons
Remanufactured Toner
Readers Questions
Windows Longhorn
Bank Fraudsters
EU Download Legislation
Digital Camera
Duty Free Perfume
Handsfree Kits
Christmas Shopping
Anti Spyware/Virus

Articles 2002:

ISDN Lines
Choosing the right ISP
Keeping your computer up to date
Norton Internet Security
Funny technical support calls
Online Banking
Online Banking #2
Readers Questions
Readers Questions #2
Friends reunited
The Apple iMac
Readers Questions
Windows Alternatives
Online Food Shopping
Windows Media Player
NHS Direct
Computer viruses
Readers Questions
SETI @ Home
GPS Systems
GPS Systems #2
GPS Systems #3
Online Holidays
Online Holidays #2
Virus Hoaxes
Internet Radio
Maintaining your printer
All about DVD's
ADSL Problems
ADSL Problems #2
ADSL Problems #3
Readers Questions
E-mail Spam
Readers Questions
File Sharing
Readers Questions
Readers Questions - Response
Readers Questions
BT Internet Kiosks
Windows Media Audio Format
Windows XP Service Pack 1
Optical Mice
Free Firewall Software
Seasons Greetings
Computer products for cats

Articles 2001:

Net Monitoring Software
Computer Viruses
Pros and Cons of Online Shopping
Internet Chat Rooms
The Origins of the Internet
Keeping your Computer Healthy Part I
Keeping your Computer Healthy Part II
Keeping your Computer Healthy Part III
Keeping your Computer Healthy Part IV
Keeping your Computer Healthy Part V
Readers Questions
Readers Questions Part II
Search Engines
Compaq IPAQ
Online Auctioning
Teaching Resources
Teaching Resources Part II
Teaching Resources Part III
Office XP Review
Graphics Workshop - Digital Cameras
Graphics Workshop - Scanners
Graphics Workshop - Printers
Graphics Workshop - Graphics Software
Readers Questions Part III
Instant Messaging
Laptop VS Desktop Computers
PDA’s, Mobiles and PDA Combos
Questions and Answers #4
File Compression
MP3 Sharing
CD Writers
MP3 Players
Windows XP
Processor Overview
Home Networking
Mobile Essentials
Mobile Essentials #2
Readers Questions
Readers Questions #2
Creating your own website
Creating your own website #2
Creating your own website #3
Creating your own website #4
Creating your own website #5
Microsoft Plus for Windows XP
Readers Questions
USB CD-Drives