Microsoft Plus for Windows XP Part 2

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having.

In the past I have successfully used a Kodak C.D. ROM to view or send my pictures via e-mail although I am not very good at computing – In fact, rather green!Here is my problem; When I put in the Kodak C.D. ROM and click ‘Start’, ‘Programs’, ‘Kodak picture C.D’ then ‘Kodak Picture C.D. Volume 4, issue 1’ then the message ‘Insufficient space on system disk comes up on screen.Because of this, I have reduced the number of programs on the computer but I’m still having no luck – Please advise exactly what I should be doing.

Clearing all that is on screen and going back to the beginning I have an icon, ‘Kodak C.D. Q’ showing – I have tried right clicking on this & on open which causes icons to come up for each individual photograph.If I then click on them separately the picture loads up although I have no way of e-mailing it.I would really like to get rid of this as I have tried ‘dragging’ icon to delete it and it comes up with something along the lines of ‘004_1 access is denied.Make sure disk is not full or write protected and the file is not in current use’.

I am completely flummoxed by all this & really would appreciate any suggestions because as I previously said I am not to good at this sort of thing and so I must have clicked something I shouldn’t have!I love to read your column in the Herald Express and have picked up a few little tips over the last year.

Mary Eveleigh, Brixham.

The problem that you are experiencing with the program coming up saying the message ‘Insufficient space on system disk’ can in my mind be caused by a number of things but I’ll print the most likely ones below based on the information you’ve given me:

1)Your hard disk genuinely has no free space on it.Go into my computer and click on ‘Drive C’ and check that you have a reasonable amount of space free (500Mb or so should be enough)

2)Your hard drive has an error on it that causes it to incorrectly report the space free on the hard drive to all programs including Windows.Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many programs you delete, the amount of free space reported may still be too low.To remedy this, start and run Scandisk by going to ‘Start’, ‘Run’ and type in ‘Scandisk’

3)The program is somehow set to try and store its files onto the CD-ROM drive – Since CD disks are usually considered read-only this means that the program is trying to put any pictures or temporary files onto the CD-disk which will have 0Mb free.Try to discover whether the program has an option that could change the default drive back to the hard drive.

4)The program could simply have a corrupt installation – Try deleting the program off your hard drive (using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel) and then re-installing it.

I think one of the above should sort out this problem, and so a solution to your second problem shouldn’t be necessary as you will not need to use any alternative routes any more.I will however still explain what was happening for your own interest and for future reference:

I believe that you are opening files straight off the CD and then trying delete them straight from the and so, as explained above, it is impossible to delete from a CD-ROM.If you ever get a ‘Access denied’ message when you try and delete a file, always check to ensure that you’re not trying to delete one from a CD-ROM or a write protected floppy disk.As I have limited information from what you’ve given me on which to make a hypothesis this is the most likely scenario, however if the files are in fact stored on the hard drive and you still can’t delete them then in this case I would run Scandisk to ensure that everything is okay with your hard disk in the same method as described in method 3 above.Also ensure that you don’t have two copies of the same file open and that the file isn’t set as read only.

I was wondering if you could advise of any good Dreamweaver courses as it is so much easier to pick up the details if actually taught. Following your advice I have the free download and a text book but it is not easy to get beyond the basics. Any advice would be useful - Excellent series!

Colin Vosper, via e-mail.

I think that you should contact local colleges and ask about any courses they do in HTML programming as, obviously if you would prefer to be taught rather than pick the program up through self tuition then this could be your only option.In regards to which colleges to contact, go to my section of the Herald Express Website ( and download the three part article that I did some time ago regarding teaching resources available in the South West.If any of my readers cannot locate this tutorial then please e-mail me and I’ll send it along by return.

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