Mobile Apps For Fundraising

Are you training to run a marathon for charity and want to check who has donated so far? Are you about to shave your head for a good cause and want to keep up with your fundraising totals? Raising money for charity is now easier than ever with mobile apps available to help you along the way while you are on the go.



There are several which are out in front of their competitors because of their ease of use and have many features available to make your life easier. JustGiving is a very popular way to gift money for various fundraising events as they reclaim Gift Aid on behalf of the charity, essentially making your donation worth more. Their mobile app is great for not only giving money to charity but also if you are one of the ones raising money. You can set up a page, make others aware of what you are taking part in and watch your donations add up. You can also let others know how well you are doing and how much you have of your target left to raise. Other features include being able to upload pics from your phone to your JustGiving page, get real time donation alerts, which basically means you’ll be alerted when someone donates and show everyone your latest news in the form of status updates. This mobile app also has the advantage of being a mobile platform for many charities rather than being exclusive to one or two.

Haribo’s iPhone app

Charity apps however, aren’t all about function as Haribo’s iPhone app showed when it launched in 2009. The confectionary manufacturer had teamed up with German children’s campaign “Ein Herz fur Kinder” (A Heart for Children) with the aim to raise up to one million Euros for several children’s charities. The app was produced mainly to drum up awareness and was aimed at kids. Anyone who downloaded the app was offered the option of donating money to charity so it also raised a fair bit for charity. The app was basically an electronic Haribo packet which users could tear open and then tilt their phones to drop the sweet contents into their mouths. It was a huge hit with kids and all for a good cause.

Hope Relay

One of the most recent apps to hit the charity circuit is Hope Relay, available at Android and iTunes stores. The app, launched by Jamie Oliver in May, is a running app with a difference – for every mile you complete, the app’s creator, Samsung, will donate £1 to charity. So, not only do you have the usual, helpful features of a fundraising app such as tracking your achievements so far and the amount you have raised, it also contributes to your total. The app also has a nifty little feature whereby your friends can record audio messages for you to listen to if your motivation needs lift. It’s sometimes the little things that make the difference.

Mobile technology is becoming more and more sophisticated where charity apps and fundraising is concerned. Sometimes you just want to be able to check your fundraising totals there and then and with a mobile app you can. Keeping track of all your fundraising efforts and receiving motivational messages from your friends can be just the ticket to encourage you to carry on. You are also able to donate to other people’s good cases via the app so whether you are a spectator or a competitor, mobile apps can be very useful. And as they say, it’s all for charity….

This article was written by Jenny B within fundraising and events for Cancer Research UK, if you’re looking for charity fundraising jobs take a look online at their vacancies.