A few weeks back I took a look at the website which allows you compare various utilities and products to allow you to select the one that best suits your needs at the keenest price.Keeping on the theme of money saving we this week feature the website which is a little more diverse in the advice it gives to help you out financially.

The site itself is completely free to use and rather than being paid for by advertising revenue it is financed by intermediaries such as the aforementioned content of the site falls into several main headings which I have outlined below:

Articles – This includes an archive of the articles all written by the man behind the site, Martin Lewis.Over the years he has written hundreds of them and everyone well written and full of common sense ideas so it’s certainly worth taking the time and looking back over some of his previous work.

Guides – This area of the site is dedicated to comprehensive money saving guides that are both factually correct and interesting to read.Whether you are looking to find a new credit card, save money on your mortgage or trying to organise your student funding for the next academic year you should find what you need here.

Money Tips – Every week you can opt to receive an e-mail from Martin with a number of interesting and unique money saving ideas.This category is an archive of all of these hints and tips spanning back to the beginning of the year.

There are several things that differentiate this site from other money saving websites that are out there and I think one of the most important factors is that rather than possibly saving money, if you take a few minutes to look around then you WILL save some cash.I regularly check my finances to ensure that I’m with the best bank, home phone company, mobile phone tariffs, gas supplier and the like but I still managed to find a hint after just 5 minutes on the site that’ll save me around £120 a year.

Obviously the information being current is an extremely important factor when you are looking at a website that is discussing financial products and services but as a lot of the current facts and figures research is left to specialist you can always rest assured that in the best buys section you will find up to date information.

One of the most impressive yet simple areas of the site is the search bar; simply type in a search term and within seconds the site will search its huge database which now spans almost three years worth of articles to look for something relevant.You can type practically anything into this search box and Money Saving Expert will come back with a way that you can save money when buying said items or changing said service.

Finally, the chat area of the site houses an active forum with contributions coming in via the 65,000 registered members.With so many people putting their heads together you are sure find some interesting posts or indeed get some helpful suggestions if you ask a question.

This site really is one worth checking out and book marking for future reference.I do promise you that you’ll find something that will save you money and if you don’t then you can sit back safe in the knowledge that you are an incredibly financially adept individual.

About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.