New Years Eve

If my calculations are correct then you should be reading this article on New Years Eve so I thought that I’d make Click this week just a little bit topical.Although it is traditionally seen as quite difficult to combine a computer related article to a time of the year involving copious amounts of drinking I am up for the challenge.

The website would be an apt site to spend New Years day visiting as it is host to literally dozens of hangover cures as well as other assorted fun areas to distract you from the pounding that will most likely be going on in your head.We’ll take the areas of the site one by one:

First and foremost you get to choose from the hangover cures separated into three categories; freaky, healthy or classic – Each section contains ten suggestions on how to help stop the pain.I haven’t yet tried any of these yet so for the time being I’m going to take the classic route of having a light snack and drinking as much water as you can before going to bed, then continuing to drink plenty of fluids along with a good meal in the morning.A bit of exercise to get the blood pumping around your body in the morning always helps but I’ll leave you to decide how you want to tackle this one.

The site also lists the different types of drinks and how they are likely to make you feel in the morning. Of course this is a personal thing more than anything else but it is well known the some drinks are nastier than others when it comes to the morning after and this area of the site should help you to avoid them.

My favourite part of the site is the diagnosis area which asks you what drink(s) you were drinking the previous night along with what parts of your body are now affected; simply tick the relevant boxes and the site will come up with the ‘ultimate’ cure for you based on these answers.

Of course this site is just a little bit of fun and this article should be taken in context with the spirit of the season; I am not by any stretch of the imagination condoning binge drinking however I’m sure we have all had one glass to many from time to time which is where this site will come in useful!

Once your head is sorted check out for a handy little utility to allow you to print out a personalised calendar for the coming year.You simply select the format and colours you wish to use along with 12 images and ‘Calendar Painter’ will create a calendar for the next year based on your choices.In addition to being able to simply select the design you can also add birthdays of friends or loved ones that you wish to remember and these will be included as part of the finished product.Once you have completed your calendar simply print it out and then save it so that the design and important dates can be reused for next year.

This utility is a small, free download that was recommended to me by Ian McMillan – It is by no stretch a groundbreaking piece of software but would be a worthwhile distraction for a few minutes on New Years day which would also save you on having to buy a boring shop made calendar for 2006.

About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.