Online Food Shopping

Online food shopping has been gradually growing in popularity for the last couple of years; something I have yet to fully understand for a number of reasons.In my opinion, if you were going to go shopping then personally I think it would be a better idea to actually drive to the shops, have a look around, get some fresh air and check out the special offers and quality of the produce before purchase.In addition, online shopping for food doesn’t take significantly less time than doing it in person, you have to wait around the house for the goods to arrive and you usually have to pay for delivery.

Obviously this theory is somewhat shattered if you don’t own a car or are disabled in a way which could prevent you from visiting your local store; in this case I can see that online food shopping could make a huge difference to your lifestyle.With these people in mind I will open my mind to the possibilities offered by these services and review the options available to us here in the Torbay area.

First off I had a look at Tescos ( who promised to be able to deliver to me based on my postcode in the Paignton area.The nearest branch offering the home delivery service is in Newton Abbot so I assume that Brixham and Torquay would also be covered by this service.The website seems pretty easy to navigate and delivery costs range between £3.99 and £6.49 depending on the order.A particularly nice touch is that you can also enter in your club card number and continue to collect points as you did before.

It is also worth noting that Tesco are able to deliver other goods such as Music CD’s, Clothes, Games and DVD’s straight from their warehouses.

Next I had a look at the Sainsburys’ ( website but unfortunately they currently do not deliver to anywhere in Torbay although their website promised this may soon be a possibility and you are then invited to leave your details so they can contact you when they do start to supply the area.

The only other remaining major supermarket in this area is currently Iceland ( who stated that this area was currently available for home delivery.Although the layout of the site was not as professional looking as the Tescos site, it did cover all the essential ground and even offers products such as Freezers, Microwaves, Cookers and Washing Machines that can be purchased online.

A very odd quirk with the Iceland site is that although delivery is free, you actually have to keep your order above £40 or else they won’t deliver at all.Perhaps it’s just me who considers £40 worth of frozen food a touch excessive; it would have probably been a better to apply a surcharge of, say £4 to orders below £40 to help those who are unable to reach one of their stores and who don’t require this much.

To summarize, I don’t think I’ll be taking advantage of Online Food Shopping just yet, although I found searching for and ordering products relatively easy.As stated before, it does have its definite uses, especially for those who are physically unable to make it to the supermarket.The Iceland site I can see as being of particular benefit to the majority of readers as all Iceland stores in the area are located in the centers of our three towns and many find the current parking and bag carrying a nuisance whereas in contrast, the main Tesco store is a out of town and so doesn’t pose this problem to the majority of us with cars.

About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.