Order of the Geeks

“Geek!” used to be an insult, an invitation to ceremoniously smash a nerd’s face into a porcelain basin of swirling water (e.g. “Swirlie“). Now it refers to anyone incredibly passionate about a certain subject. Do you think you’re a geek? Chances are, you might be on this list!

Are you a classic computer geek, or are you a Star Wars Geek sworn to destroy Trekkies? Maybe you’re a sports geek, who “knows what beer best pairs with each professional sports league”, or even a chic geek (that means you, “all of my jewelry has owls or bumble bees”). In this clever infographic, many “geeks” are depicted and associated with their telling points. Everything from the sports geek to the gamer geek is set on equal footing, showing that even though everybody is geeky, it’s actually a good thing. In fact, geekdom is not really worthy of a swirlie at all, unless “swirlie” refers to some sort of delicious ice cream.

Source: BCO