Fast Tips On How To Grow The Numbers Of Your Instagram Followers

f you don’t already know what Instagram is all about, you are in luck. This article is written with people like you in mind. In a nutshell, Instagram is a mobile application More »

No 4G for the Moment, but 2013 Promises Great Things for British Consumers

The sale of Britain’s 4G mobile spectrum just got a little bit more interesting today. Ofcom set out new proposals for making the airwaves available to the major network operators. They have More »

Mac Security Hype

The change in Apple’s security marketing message on Mac website has been the issue of debate in tech circles all around the world. The previously set “A Mac isn’t susceptible to the More »

Starting out as a Webdesigner

This article is aimed at giving some rudimentary tips and guidelines which help in making a website designing business a successful one.

Starting off a new business is as critical as it is More »

Considerations for eBook Creation Software

The social web is entirely changing the way that authors are publishing and readers are reading books. But all of this change is creating an overwhelming decision for writers who are looking to create and publish ebooks. There are innumerable software programs and apps available that authors can choose from. It can be overwhelming to figure out which software is the best.

Here are some considerations for writers who are just beginning their research into the best services to fit their needs.

Price – all too often price is the deciding factor in any purchase. The cost of some of the available ebook software can run high, but if you’ve figured out how many copies of your book will sell, the price may be agreeable. However, for aspiring or first time writers, cost may be prohibitive; in this case, look for a free solution – there are lots of them … Read the rest

5 Android Apps for Businessman

Android apps are mobile software designed to run on android operating system which has become the most popular platform in tablets and other mobile devices. Since the introduction of android platform hosted by Google, more than 350,000 android apps have been made available and easy to download from Google Play online store.
Majority of android apps offer a businessman platform to address his/her business issues professionally. Here is a list of 5 Android Apps for businessman.

1. Google Drive
Take charge of your businesses’ productivity using this android app. It gives you storage of up to 5 gigabytes encouraging you to save everything including your businesses’ documents in any format. These files are available offline hence accessible without the need of a mobile data bundle. Google drive can take a photo of printed text and converting it to a Google document and sync files with your PC.

2. Dolphin Browser … Read the rest

The Financial Risk to Launching a New Console

To many gamers, 3D seems like a gimmick – but if the general entertainment market moves towards 3D, it would be foolish for consoles to not at least be 3D capable. Currently, the only next generation console looking for release in the near future is Nintendo’s offering. As with the Wii, it doesn’t appear that Nintendo are directly competing with either Microsoft or Sony – looking instead to solidify their position with the more casual audience with the Wii U. This infographic by details some of the interesting aspects of Sony’s financial motivations in the technological arms-race that is console development.

Of particular interest are the rumours of an always-on approach to DRM (or the ability to use purchased games on a single console) – effectively killing the used games market. Interestingly, Ubisoft (pioneers, for good or bad of “working exactly as intended” always-on DRM) were recently seen to … Read the rest

The latest iPhone 5 rumours have taken a surprising turn.

It’s iPhone season again, just in case you hadn’t noticed. We’ve been bombarded by hundreds of supposed leaks, photos, videos, rumours and educated guesses. All of these have been promising additions, changes, new features and the like, but it seems in recent days like the rumours have been going in the opposite direction.

Let’s take a sample. First, after months of speculation, it seems that Apple has finally chosen not to include NFC in their new iPhone 5. There was a wide assumption that they would do so, seeing as Passbook e-wallet functionality has been baked into the new iOS 6 software. It’s a feature that the iPhone’s main rivals include as standard. The choice not to include it seems like a regressive step. The technology is certainly ready even if the customers aren’t. It isn’t even prohibitively expensive, so they can’t claim it’s to do with keeping costs down. … Read the rest

The Future of Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have so far stayed out of the smartphone sphere. While smartphones have cameras and social sharing features, digital cameras have remained purely for photography. Until now.

A New Era of Cameras

Samsung has recently released news of their Galaxy camera, which is basically a digital camera in the front, and a smart phone from the back.

The 16.3 megapixel Galaxy is powered by Andriod 4.1 Jelly Bean, and has 3G, 4G, and dual-band WiFi connectivity abilities. This allows users access to a whole range of abilities that were previously closed to digital camera users. Andriod allows users to immediately edit their photos in Photoshop Touch, or whatever photo editing apps they choose from the Play Store, on the 4.77 inch HD touch display, which has 308 pixels per inch.

After editing, users can immediately upload their photos to their favorite social media platform, making the shooting, editing, sharing … Read the rest

Why Your Website Bounce Rate is Too High

Most web masters know what bounce rate is and how it can negatively affect a website. Obviously the higher your bounce rate the worse your website is performing. Google analytics provides great insight to bounce rate and will give you the exact percentage of users leaving, the time they spend on your page and what pages they leave from. If your bounce rate is any higher than 50% your website is underperforming. The ideal range for most well performing websites is somewhere between the 30 to 40% range. In this article we are going to go over some common causes of high bounce rates.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile

Approximately 20% of all web searches are performed on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design or a mobile version, many users will have difficulty navigating your site. Users will have to scroll, … Read the rest

How to develop for iOS

Considered the holy grail of mobile app development, developing an app for the iOS platform is not as impossible as some may thing. Granted, it is harder than developing for Android or Windows Phone, but it is still doable.

The first step to developing for iOS is to decide what you will be developing and how you are going to go about developing the app. If you’re not an experienced programmer, now may be a good time to put your ideas back into the reality glass. If you don’t have thousands of dollars, developing an Angry Birds or Words with Friends style game may be dreaming a bit too big. Pick an idea that will not cost too much time and resources. If you are completely naïve, get some expert opinions from a forum online.

Once you have decided what your app will do, it’s time to get the programming … Read the rest

3 Free Resources for IT Certifications

The IT market is saturated with professionals offering their services. Certifications are an absolutely necessary key to securing work in this market and having the most-up-to-date ones is of course extremely important! It can at times even compensate for a lack in work experience as it can show that we are skilled in the areas potential employers are looking for. On our journey of becoming more and more successful in IT, we need to know the cutting edge technologies to stay competitive.


Learning and expanding our resume makes us marketable and remaining up-to-date makes us more capable and valuable to our current or future employers. While many new professionals in the IT industry begin with the CompTIA A+ certification, working their way up from there to the Network+ and Security+ certifications from CompTIA, certifications vary depending on the chosen career path. For example, people in networking will be interested … Read the rest

5 Great Tools for Organising Day to Day Life

Years ago the normal way of organising our day-to-day life was with a calendar hanging on the kitchen door. But now, with the internet; smart phones, tablets, etc – there are so many more ways we can keep our lives in check.


We now find ourselves with a range of online tools for those everyday tasks that were once so tedious! It’s time to embrace the digital age and all it’s short cuts with these 5 great online tools for organizing day-to-day life!


  1. Do you spend a lot of time travelling? If so, then Trip It is your answer. For stress free trips, Trip It comes in handy for organizing all the necessary details and storing them in one easy, simple and accessible place! Providing an itinerary, Trip It is an app you can download on your iPad or iPhone! Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how
Read the rest

Some “Secret” Benefits to Video Games

If you’ve ever been on your computer playing a game and looked to the corner only to discover that you’ve just lost two hours to Farmville or World of Warcraft, I’m sure you’d love to believe that there is some redeeming value to the time you’ve lost. On August 3rd, PBS MediaShift released an article claiming that video games teach “a new literacy.” And while I do not personally game, I agree to a certain extent – there are hidden benefits to playing video games.


Ryan, my husband, games, and given the trend, I would be willing to bet that my son will become one as soon as he is of age. I tend to see playing Xbox all afternoon as a massive waste of his time, but today’s video games have many more benefits than the tired “hand-eye coordination” argument that has been around for a … Read the rest