Questions and Answers Part 4

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having with their computers.

I hope you can assist with this particularly annoying default of Word 2000 envelope printing; when in Word 2000 and having written a letter, if I want to print an envelope I go to Tools/Envelopes and Labels and find the address already in place.However the envelope orientation is defaulted to ‘Portrait’ and because it is much easier to place the A4 envelope in the hopper in ‘Landscape’ thus avoiding the need to change the printer-paper guides I am have to continually change the envelope orientation; the problem being that it seems impossible to make ‘Landscape’ the Default!

Richard Stinton

I do recognise the problem that you are having Richard, although I am unaware of a satisfactory solution built into Word.

One method that I could suggest is to record a macro that could be used in order to make this process easier for you.To do this, click on ‘Tools’ and then ‘Macro’ and ‘Record Macro’ thus causing the computer to watch every step that you perform to create your envelope so that it can be replayed at any time.For example, if you start recording, create your envelope in landscape mode and then press the ‘stop’ button it will be possible to rein act this series of instructions just by pressing the ‘Alt’ and ‘F8’keys together and choosing to play the that particular macro.

This process can be recreated for all tasks that you find yourself repeating on a regular basis that you would prefer the computer learnt to automate for you.

I use Internet Explorer as my default browser but when I click on an address like yours I get transferred to Netscape. Which if fine only Netscape does not seem to recognise Hotmail, such that if I send a message by clicking on the link on your page it doesn’t send it. I have to take the email address and copy it into Internet Explorer as I’m doing now.Also, how do I get Netscape to recognise Hotmail?

Gordon Taylor

This seems to be a very peculiar set of circumstances.I think I understand what you are describing and would suggest that Netscape is set as your default mail client as opposed to Outlook Express which comes as part of Internet Explorer and so hence when you click on an e-mail address like that on our website, the Mail Client for Netscape opens up in preparation to send an e-mail.

To my knowledge, there is no way to click on a link and be able to automatically be able to sign in to Hotmail in order to compose the message since Hotmail is a web based e-mail system and needs to be loaded up and then to have the e-mail address typed or pasted in as you are currently doing.

One option would be to register Hotmail as an account in either Outlook Express or Navigator Mail (Netscape.Although this would allow you to compose your Hotmail based e-mails in either of these programs, the e-mails that you receive would then be stored on your computer only which obviously denies the portable nature of Hotmail.

In addition to your problems, Netscape seems to have a great number of difficulties accessing the Hotmail server and so you are probably best uninstalling it and only using Internet Explorer as in my personal opinion there is very little point in having two browsers.To achieve this, go to ‘Start’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Control Panel’ and double click on Add/Remove programs icon.

I use Windows ME together with AOL 6.0 and I also have Norton System Works 4.0.When I open up NSW I am informed that the Internet Explorer program is not the latest one and that I have to update it in order to get the ‘one button click’ overall analysis of any computer problems. Internet Explorer however has been set up by AOL automatically and when I run IE setup after downloading the reputed newest version I am told that I already have the latest version installed. Can you help to stop me going round and round in frustrated circles?

Trevor Jaydee.

Initially, I would say that this issue is caused by a problem with the Norton software in that it was written before your current version of Internet Explorer was and so doesn’t recognise the latest version of IE as being valid and therefore deems it as obsolete.I did check this theory with Symantec (the publishers of Norton System Works) and they confirmed that they have had a problem reported very similar to that which you are experiencing.The situation is currently being investigated and so if you continue to use ‘LiveUpdate’ which is included with the program, the fix should be available as soon as Norton releases it.

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