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Once again, this week I will attempt to resolve any problems my readers have been experiencing with their PC’s recently.

Thank you for your reply to my envelope orientation problem in Saturdays Herald Express on the 30th June.You certainly pointed me in the right direction and I am now much more aware of the possibilities of using Macros; however all was not plain sailing.

Firstly the Macro ‘stop’ button just does not work, so you have to exit by Tools, Macro, Macros, and Stop Recording - A pain but not a problem!

More seriously, having created the Macro to print the required envelope orientation, the system still stubbornly prints the address in the Portrait orientation!If you go into the Macro, Edit Mode, you will note that the orientation is correctly described as ‘Landscape’ and by changing this to the incorrect ‘Portrait’ setting overcomes the problem, and the address is printed in the required Landscape orientation – Why? I don’t know!My Printer is an Epson Colour Stylus 760.

Next irritating problem I have is obtaining an address for an Envelope in a Word 2000 document.I find that in ‘Tools’ and ‘Envelope and Labels’ that the address of a Contact has to be in the Business Tab display in the Address Book. When the address is placed in the more correct Home Tab display with ‘Default’ ticked for a personal contact, I am unable top obtain an envelope address.

I find your weekly article interesting reading, and I file the cuttings for future reference and would like to suggest an article on WinZip file and photo compression and decompression for a future article.

Richard Stinton, Denbury.

I think that certainly part of your problem stems from a corrupt Office installation as certainly the ‘stop recording’ button should work fine as I too have Office 2000 at home and this function works fine for me.It could also be possible that the problem with retrieving addresses could also be caused by the same problem as to my knowledge there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to retrieve a personal contact from your address book and insert it into the Envelope wizard.As a solution, I would suggest that first of all, if you go to ‘Help’ and then ‘Detect and Repair’ to try and to automatically correct the problem with Office as well as obtaining the latest version of Outlook Express to attempt remedy the problem with using the Address Book.If there is still a problem with your installation then you may be wise to re-install Word 2000 and possibly Outlook Express.

Your problem with the landscape and portrait printing, I believe is caused by an incorrect setting for the sheet feeder for your printer.If you go to ‘Tools’, ‘Envelopes and Labels’ and then to ‘Options’ and ‘Printing Options’ you should find that from there you can set up how the computer believes that you will be feeding the envelope in to the printer.If you check the settings, I would not be surprised to find that the printer thinks you are feeding the envelopes in at an angle of 90 degrees and so it’s automatically flipping the address by that much in order to straighten the text out.

I like the idea of an article on file compression and will cover this next week.Many thanks for your feedback, Richard.

I often read your column and find it very useful and I remember some weeks ago you said that back articles were available.There is an early one that I missed that I would like to get hold of.

Also, I have a problem defragmenting the computer - it seems to get stuck at 10%. Any ideas?

Val Payne, Unknown location.

Copies of all my past articles are available on the Internet from the Herald Express website ( there, if you click on ‘Webwise’ which is located on the left hand side of the screen and then on ‘Click’ you will find all 30 of my articles in chronological order.

With regards to your problems with defragmenting your computer, I suggest that you read articles 8 and 10 which are related to the subject of defragmenting and using scandisk, especially on a machine with many programs running in the background.If you still have a problem, please write back with more information, including any messages that you receive and details of the Operating System you are using and I’ll do my best to help.

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