Raspberry Pi: The Cheapest Computer to Date!

If we look few decades back, it was almost impossible to think of working with a computer without any proficiency of knowledge about it. Gradually, the developers made it simple by making use of a graphical operating system. Now, it is simpler yet by the invention of Raspberry Pi, it has been developed by a charity called Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is not more than the size of a credit card. The feature which makes it genuinely special is its ‘ease of use’, especially for the beginners. Another important factor is its price, which is either $25 or $35, depending upon the version. The price is good news for them who can’t afford to buy a usual desktop.

These days computers are important, as these have become important means for communicating, be it for business purpose or some personal need. We could assure you that Raspberry Pi fulfills the basic needs of all classes of people. However, you need to understand one thing clearly, from the moment you take the circuit out of the package, do not expect things to happen automatically. If you do not know how to work with Raspberry Pi, land up on Raspberry Pi’s website for online help and start working with it.

Before purchasing a Raspberry Pi, you should know certain things about it to make a better choice. We have gathered a precise info about it, here you go:

Raspberry Pi has two versions, one is Model A and another is Model B. Model B is better version than that of Model A, and it is more expensive too. Let us see few of the features of both flavors of Raspberry Pi: Model A has only one USB port, but Model B has two such ports. Unlike Model B, Model A lacks in Ethernet port. Other than few certain things, major part of the hardware is more or less similar.

Let us dig deeper into the hardware section: It has 700MHz ARM1176JZF-S CPU, it has a Broadcom Video Core IV GPU, 256MB of SDRAM. RCA & HDMI are the two video outputs that you can find in the circuit, also a 3.5 mm audio output. It is important to note here, it receives its power from a micro USB adapter, this means that this circuit doesn’t have any Switch ON or Switch OFF button; rather it draws its power from plugging the adapter into the circuit.

It is not necessary to remind you of the fact that, you will not get a capable computer with the kind of price that has been mentioned, but it is also a fact that you will not have a great multi-tasking and web browsing experience with the circuit of Raspberry Pi. All that you can run are: fundamental desktop jobs, few low-end games which can otherwise made to run in lower models of smartphones, play HD videos.

Did we mention that, to use Raspberry Pi, you need few components such as: a monitor with digital connection and compatible video cable, a USB keyboard and a mouse (if required)? Do not forget a micro USB power adapter or else your computer will be a box, which is meant for a showpiece in the drawing room.

There is nothing exciting about it, as it is just a bare board with no chassis, you have to put all the efforts to build it as a computer and the difficult part is that, you need to know little bit of Linux to have a command over it.

However, it gives you a platform for experimenting and if unfortunately, things go wrong during experimenting then it will not remind you of the money spent by you. If you were afraid to purchase a computer for your son, thinking that you cannot afford to pay for the damages, then Raspberry Pi is a good option that will not wreak any havoc on you.

About the Author - Amy Claus writes for Mytechgurus, the technical help experts.