Readers Comments & Questions Part 2

I enclose a photostat of my son Nigel and his colleague, Roger Palin who have set up a website to enable friends to get in touch with each other.

As my son attended Knowles Hill School, Newton Abbot, between 1971 and 1977 when we lived in Bovey Tracey, he wondered whether you could perhaps publicise the venture so former pupils could contact him or other friends.

Ray Nickless, Brixham

Enclosed with this letter, as Ray said was a cutting from Wirral News Group which gives us some interesting information about the site although since this article was written towards the end of January some of the statistics it gives may have to be taken with a pinch of salt.One of the most relevant points to note is that the site has details of 12,000 names, the idea behind it is that you simply go online, type in your surname and then the system will check to see if someone out there is looking for you.If you find any matches then you get the opportunity to reply to them by registering at a cost of £5.Registration will also entitle you to post the details of 10 old acquaintances which remain online for 12 months so that if they happen to stumble across the site then they would know that you were looking to get back in contact with them again.

In theory an excellent idea although one major drawback currently renders this site less useful than you may be led to believe - I did a couple of sample searches; first off I tried ‘Holgate’ and rather unsurprisingly it came back with no results found.Although my surname isn’t exactly the most popular name in the country I was quite surprised it returned no result, next I tried ‘Smith’ and still I return no results.I managed to get two results when I typed in ‘Jones’ although these kinds of results are pretty disappointing when you consider that around 13 million people are online in the UK.

Personally I believe that it would be advantageous for this site to offer free registration until it creates a name for itself on the Net at which point it would be justified in charging for its services.I would still recommend that you visit this site because it is free to do your initial search and once established it will be an excellent way for people to get in contact with one another.Current similar sites on the Internet rely on matching you with a friend based on the school that you went to as a teenager so in this respect it is unique.

As a result of reading your article some time ago I purchased the Norton Utilities 2001 suite and have found it very helpful and friendly - thank you for the recommendation.

I have never had any success with the ZIP Rescue Disc however. The system does almost recover on a test, and I achieve the Norton Lifebelt Screen with icons, and it even thinks it has recovered the system, but alas the whole system locks up; nothing works except the movement of the cursor. A window appears saying that ‘Explorer caused and invalid page fault’. The only way out is to de-power!

I have formed the opinion that my 100MB ZIP Disk is not large enough, and that I should have used a 250MB Disk, though all the Norton Information only uses the description ZIP Disk.

Should my 100MB ZIP not have enough capacity, can you suggest any way round the problem, other than the obvious.

Richard Stinton, Denbury.

I believe that the problem is not related to the size of the ZIP disk but rather a problem with your system.Have you tried with a different 100MB ZIP disk in case of a corruption on your initial one?I am big enough to admit when I do not know however and so I’ve written off to Symantec on your behalf in case there are any compatibility issues that they know of.I will let you know the outcome as soon as I know but I’ll also throw this open to the readers; if any of you have experienced a similar problem then please let me know and I’ll pass this information on to Richard.

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