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Thank-you for your weekly column in the Herald Express, I have found it helpful on more than one occasion.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 430 CDT and use Freeserve as my ISP using Outlook Express to send and receive my mail and Internet Explorer for Internet connection (Both use the same connection settings).

At home everything is okay, but when I go to my daughter’s house and connect through her telephone line I can receive my mail without any problem but am unable to send any e-mails.I have tried putting her telephone number in the Dial-Up Networking settings but nothing seems to solve the situation.Do I have to set up a new account if I want to use her telephone line or do I have to go through Internet Explorer to send e-mails while I’m connected to the Internet?

I am still a beginner as far as my computing skills are concerned but would be very grateful if you can tell me what I should do.

Barry Doan, Babbacombe.

Before I answer this question, I’ll clarify a common error that I picked up on whilst reading your letter which a lot of the people I have helped in the past tend to make.When you connect to the Internet from Windows, you are not using Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express or similar application to connect to the Internet as these are just programs that can be used to access the Internet.What you are actually dialling up with is ‘Windows Dial Up Networking’, an integral part of the Operating System that takes control of the actual process of establishing a connection to the Internet via your ISP (Internet Service Provider).Once the connection is established, Dial Up Networking acts like a window to the Internet so any suitable programs can see through it in order to send and receive data.You can see, therefore that Internet Explorer or Outlook Express aren’t the programs that connect to the Internet and this should always be kept in mind when we’re diagnosing problems regarding the Internet.

Moving back to your problem, one thing that strikes about Freeserve is that when you sign up for the service you are asked to provide the number which you will be dialling from to connect to the service.

I have installed Freeserve for customers before and if the wrong number is given then I’ve found that the service just won’t let you connect at all.However, I do feel that since the only thing that is really different between your daughters’ house and your own is the number that you’re using to dial the service then this must be the root of the problem.I’d recommend that you try phoning Freeserve customer services and get them to temporarily change the number on their records to that of your daughters and try again.If sending e-mail now works fine from her phone number then you know this is the cause of the problem which will get you a good footing in order to be able to call Freeserve and discuss with them a possible workaround for this problem.

You may remember the letter I received from Richard Stinton last month regarding the problem he was having with Norton Utilities 2001 which is described as follows –

“I have never had any success with the ZIP Rescue Disc. The system does almost recover on a test, and I achieve the Norton Lifebelt Screen with icons, and it even thinks it has recovered the system, but alas the whole system locks up; nothing works except the movement of the cursor. A window appears saying that ‘Explorer caused and invalid page fault’. The only way out is to de-power!”

I was unable to answer is question but wrote to Symantec regarding who suggested this solution that I received just a few days ago -

“If you test a Zip Rescue Disk set by going beyond the initial screen giving you options to choose for recovery then there can be damage to that system. By going beyond that screen you are fixing an operating system that is in good shape. To test a Rescue Disk Set, all you need to do is make sure that it boots up to the screen giving you options to choose what you want to do.

Best Regards, Rick Collins, Symantec Technical Support”
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