Readers Letters

This week I’ll be publishing a selection of letters that have arrived in my mailbox over the last few days.

I read your article in Herald Express every week and thought you may be interested to know of the existence of our Computer Club in Marldon, a village situated just off the Torbay ring road.We presently have 41 members which we think is excellent since we have only been going for just over 12 months.Our members are mostly elderly who prefer informal, local guidance, rather than attending professional teaching establishments.

We, in fact, provide a service to the community and meet every month in our village hall, and our club is available to people from all areas.Demos are carried out, usually by me, and shown on a large screen using a digital projector. Do have a peep at our website ( where you will see our programme.

During our last meeting we had a guest speaker from a local computer manufacturer who spoke for half an hour on wireless communications. Perhaps you would like to come along one evening and talk to us for a few minutes?

Our Committee would be grateful if you could include news of our activities in your column, giving us a small write-up as we welcome new members.We charge £5 annual subscription (31st March - 1st April) and also £1 for each meeting attendance.Queries contact me, Lionel Leek telephone 01803 552868 e-mail

Lionel Leek, Vice Chairman

Marldon Computer Club

This is a great idea that would be suitable for a great many of my readers.It is often commented to me that there are few resources entirely suitable for those who are relatively new to computing – Private lessons cost too much and most college courses usually focus on one particular area rather than covering a broad spectrum.Checking their website I see that their next meeting is 14th June at 7pm and priced at £1 per attendance I think for many of you it may be worthwhile considering especially for those of you relatively new who wish to network with like minded users.If you decide to attend then you might even be lucky enough to have me as a guest speaker there one evening!

A few weeks ago you wrote an article on how to speed up the windows XP start up; would it be possible for you to email me the relevant information as I have mislaid the article?Thanks for writing such an informative column.

Danny Howell, via E-mail

Unfortunately I am not really able to forward individual articles on to readers due to time restraints however if you check out you will find all of my previous articles available to download online.The site is a little out of date at present but I should be uploading all of my recent articles soon so do keep the site bookmarked!

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