Readers Questions Part 7

With the number of e-mails I have received off of readers this week, I think that it won’t be too long before I have to have an article dedicated every week just to answer all your questions, please keep them coming in and I’ll do my best to reply to them all either personally or in Click weekly.

Could you please tell me how to delete all traces of internet sites visited?I have used the usual methods but cookies and index.dat files seem impossible to delete, are these vital files, or is there a method of deleting them.Is there a powerful program you would recommend for the above functions?Thanks in advance.

Adrian Knott, via E-mail

Most new versions of Internet Explorer come with the option to actually delete the cookie files, which can be reached by going to ‘Tools’ and ‘Internet Options’ from within the program and if you’re not using version 6 of Internet Explorer then download it for free by heading to

As for a program which will go through and remove all traces, I’ve been unable to locate one that’s free of charge for you, although I’m sure for what’s fundamentally such a simplistic program, there must be one that exists.Evidence Eliminator ( is one of the most popular, but beware as the program is slightly pricey at around £80.If any readers have details of a program that does a similar job to Evidence Eliminator but is free of charge then please e-mail me at the usual address so I can print these details in a future article of Click.

As an avid reader of your column in the Herald Express, I wondered if you could help me with my problem, I have recently found a site called which enables you to download music off of other Internet users free of charge. When you join you have a medium to high participation level and after downloading music your participation level drops to low, at which point people are less likely to share with you and so downloading becomes harder. You can only increase your participation level by uploading your own music.

Can you tell me how to do this as I am finding this difficult as I can play my CD but not copy them on to my computer to put into my shared folder, I am currently running Windows ME.

Hope you can help and Happy New Year, please continue with your interesting column.

Pamela Packer, via E-mail

Although the newer versions of Windows Media Player support CD-Ripping (the copying of music from a CD to another storage device), without additional plug-ins you are quite often forced to record your music into WMA format (Microsofts own standard) which isn’t recognized by Kazaa as a being audio and so you may be best off looking for a program which will suit your needs.

If you head towards the site, you will find a number of free programs that will allow you to put a CD into the drive on your computer and save the entire contents onto your hard disk as MP3 format.If you then copy these files into your Kazaa Shared Folder and ensure that you’re actually choosing to share the files with other Kazaa users by going to ‘Tools’, ‘Options’ and ‘Traffic’ from within the program and ensuring that you haven’t selected to ‘disable sharing of files with other Kazaa Media Desktop users’ then you should find that people soon start downloading from you and your participation level will go up.

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