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For another week, I will spend this Click article resolving a selection of questions that my readers have put to me recently.

Firstly thanks for your excellent weekly column with particular reference to the sloppy way that BT are handling the Broadband rollout. As a resident of Kingskerswell I have more chance of becoming Pope than getting a fast connection.I do however have cable in my road and was interested to hear that you have gone for Blueyonder as your ISP.

I am a home worker and I source, and supply electronic components. All my work arrives in the form of emails (usually with attachments) and I naturally spend hours surfing suppliers web sites for information. For this I use Internet Explorer as my web browser and Outlook Express as my email program. It is essential that I do not change Outlook Express for my emails as I have years of commercial history on it as well as my work colleagues at central office in California all use either Outlook or Outlook Express and I must maintain compatibility. However Telewest tell me that I will have change if I subscribe to Blueyonder. Is this true, and if so, is there a way around it?

Richard Hamlyn, Kingskerswell - Component Strategist, IPWireless

To reply to this question, I thought I’d contact Telewest directly for their response.Below, Alexandra Legg of the PR Dept at Telewest writes:

I think our installation team may have got a bit confused. We don’t support Outlook for our residential service (we do with a business account) but that doesn’t mean that our service is not compatible with Outlook - I have some more detailed information below from one of our techie people!

“The customer does not need to change from Outlook or Outlook Express as our service has compatibility with other ISPs who use Outlook or Outlook Express as their email client.We would suggest however backing up all folders within the email client as a matter of course.The broadband connection can be set-up manually (without the Blueyonder instant support tool) so there is no need to change any major settings other than adding the Blueyonder mail details to Outlook Express (if the customer wants to use his own email address i.e. then he would need to set this up via the company who supplies the mail box)”

Just like to say that I like your articles in the Herald very much.Now that the St Marychurch exchange is being activated by 16th April, I’ve been doing some enquiries of all the possibilities.On the BT web site, there is an advert for wireless network installation which my son and would like to purchase to allow us to share our broadband under one package.I am wondering if any of your readers have had any experience with this, and would like to know your views.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.Robert Chapman, St. Marychurch

When I first received this letter I got fairly interested into what equipment BT were offering in order that you could share your ADSL connection wirelessly, thinking primarily that they would sell you a wireless ADSL router that would then communicate with all the PC’s in your house which would all be equipped with USB Wireless adaptors.Unfortunately, I’ve had a look on their site and the equipment they’re offering is pretty much standard – A USB Broadband modem that plugs into your PC which then in turn has to have an external wireless USB adaptor which will communicate with the other PC’s in your home who all have their own wireless USB adaptors.Alternatively, you can buy a wireless Network Access Point which will connect to a separate Ethernet Router to then connect to all the PC’s in your home via USB adaptors.Both methods are ultimately effective but no different than any standard wireless network, however since it is an idea that could be of interest to many people, I plan to cover the matter in detail in the near future for those of you wishing to use it to share an Internet connection or simply for sharing files, printers and the such like between two or more PC’s.

If any readers have any comments or experiences with wireless networking then please let me know and I’ll be sure to tackle these issues in this future Click instalment – For those who you who found the above couple of paragraphs made no sense at all, then be sure to read this article as wireless networking is an exciting development which could benefit a large number of households in Torbay.

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