Readers Questions/Suggestions

Once again, it’s time for me to publish a few of the e-mails that have arrived in my inbox this week.

Mozilla is becoming well known for its Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client, but its Sunbird calendar is less well known.Put simply, it is a clone of the calendar in Microsoft Office but it is completely free and worth a look for anyone who wants an office calendar program without the expense of buying Microsoft Office.

Ian MacMillan, via E-mail

Nicely spotted Ian.Whilst completely free of charge and still in very early stages of development, Mozilla Sunbird is certainly worth downloading for those in need of an easy to use calendar application for their PC without the need for purchasing a package such as Microsoft Office.

The idea of the calendar will be for it to work across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux etc) as it works using the XUL user interface language provided by a number of applications such as Mozilla Firefox.As a result of this interdependency you will be required to have one of the free programs from the Mozilla suite installed such as Firefox or Thunderbird which I have reviewed before in the past.

To download the Mozilla Calendar head to and if you don’t already have Firefox head to – Both downloads are extremely small and free of charge.

Those interested in other projects that the Mozilla team are working on should head to - To be honest most of it will be way over the head of the average user as a great deal of it is designed for developers but there are certainly some interesting applications to take a look at.

Having downloaded AVG Anti-Virus as suggested in one of your previous articles I am now getting lots of pop up ads when visiting a site – Should this be happening?

Andrea Winnchild, via E-mail

One thing that you should have learnt from me by now is that I’ll never recommend that you download a program that will also expose the user to pop-up adverts and Spyware.

The problem is likely to be caused by a piece of Adware or Spyware that you also have installed on your computer and it is just incidental that this was installed at approximately the same time as AVG.To rectify this I would recommend that you visit the Microsoft ( website and download their Anti-Spyware utility or download Spybot Search and Destroy ( which are both very good programs designed to rid your system of such annoyances.If you require any further instructions regarding these two utilities please head to and download one of my numerous previous articles on the subject.

Whilst talking about removing rubbish from your system it might be worthwhile me taking this opportunity to mention that the CCleaner utility that I mentioned several weeks ago which is designed to remove obsolete files and registry entries from your system has been redesigned and fully updated.This is certainly a worthwhile application for most users who wish to clean up their system which can be downloaded free of charge by heading to again, a full review is available at

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