Readers Suggestions

This week I’ve had a couple of suggestions for articles from a couple of readers but neither was substantial enough to create an entire article from and so I’ve printed both!

I know you’re interested in any useful freeware downloads I thought you might look into WordWeb which is an English Dictionary/Thesaurus which sits in the system tray on the PC.I have used this little program time & time again and have found it highly useful so try it out and see what you think!

Tom Blakesley, via e-mail

Following Toms advice I have tried out this program and found it to be pretty useful so head to to download the free version of the software which is slightly over 6mb in size.Once downloaded simply install it on to your PC and it sits patiently in the bottom right hand corner of your screen by the system clock until it is summoned.

The idea is simply whenever you need to check the spelling or definition of a word then highlight it then press the keys <CTRL>, <ALT> and ‘W’ simultaneously and up pops WordWeb.If it recognises the word it will give you a definition along with a list of alternative words or if the word isn’t present in its dictionary then alternative spellings will be suggested.Although the program is possibly not too useful if you only ever use Microsoft Word which has an inbuilt Spell checker and Thesaurus it could be a godsend for those who often use programs with poor quality or even absent spell checkers or those who regularly require a definition of a word rather than just the spelling.

The program would be particularly useful if you were browsing the Internet and a webpage mentioned a word that you weren’t familiar with - simply double click on it and use the key combination mentioned above and you will instantly be given the definition.This feature would be a useful learning tool if you get your kids to use it whenever they encounter a new word that they don’t know the meaning of whilst using the family PC.

You may have seen in the news that Telewest and NTL are going to merge.This will create one giant cable company in the UK and it will be interesting to see what this means for the people in Torbay.Perhaps the merger would warrant an article in Click?

Ian MacMillan, via e-mail.

This is interesting news which instantly grabbed my attention when it appeared last week as I own some nicely recovering Telewest shares.The merger of these two companies will create the UK’s dominant cable TV company which is real competition to the current Sky TV network along with also becoming the second largest UK residential telephone company behind BT.Readers of Click will probably be more interested in following how these developments are going to affect the Internet service that Telewest have been offering in Torbay as the two companies increase their broadband market share and streamline their newly combined business.For more information about this story you should check out, or any good news site.

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