Readers suggestions

There’s a philosophy that rarely disappoints in this world and it goes something along the lines that if you’re too lazy to do something yourself then let someone else stand up and do the job for you.This week Ian McMillian wrote to me with a long letter of suggestions for Click and since I’ve got a fair amount on my plate this week I thought rather than break it down and edit it that I’d just print it in his suggestions in their entirety for you lucky readers:

-E-mail notifiers can run in the system tray and tell you when there is new e-mail without having to leave the e-mail client running.The best one I tried is POP Peeper which can be set to notify for POP e-mails as well as Hotmail and Yahoo! webmail

-One of the commonest criticisms of digital cameras is that the software that comes with them is not very good.A superb freeware alternative is Cam2PC which is a full featured program that will download and display digital photographs in a range of

-Xplorer2 is a freeware file explorer which is far more configurable than Windows Explorer.Tabbed exploring is something that Windows Explorer should offer but does

-Comparator is a freeware alternative to Windows Briefcase.There are quite a few freeware file synchronisation utilities on the web but this one gets the vote as it is very easy to use and more versatile than Windows Briefcase.It can compare the contents of any two folders and synchronise them at the touch of a,,.htm

-Web Builder is an excellent piece of freeware for people who want to design a website.People are often put off by the thought of squiggly HTML commands but Web Builder uses a word processor-style interface and converts the pages to HTML

-Some people love sticky notes programs as an alternative to Windows Notepad.The best one is reckoned to be Stickies which is a very small

-There are many different monitor test programs on the internet, but the Nokia Monitor Test is still the best and it is free unlike some others.This is a must have for any computer user who wants to check out the performance of their

-Mmm is a piece of freeware which can be used to remove clutter from the right click context menu.Simply drag and drop the unwanted items to “rarely used”

-Audiograbber is a sophisticated piece of freeware which can act as a replacement to Windows Sound Recorder.In addition to ripping MP3s, it can record MP3 audio in real time (Windows Sound Recorder will record only .wav files).Possible uses for Audiograbber include recording radio programmes off air or recording old LPs or cassettes to MP3 for use on a computer or MP3

-Arrow Search is a useful alternative to Google.It averages out the results of several search engines and presents them in a clear way.Unlike some metasearch engines Arrow Search is UK based and has no advertising, so it avoids skewing the results towards the USA as some metasearch engines

-The best webcam on the net is the one in Times Square, New York.This has live streaming video with sound and there is always something happening day or night.The camera pans round to give different views and to be honest, it makes the Torquay Harbour webcam look very boring!

There has to be something in the above list that has taken your fancy!I would like to thank Ian yet again for his fantastic suggestions which are always welcome and always make my life just that little bit easier!

About the Author - Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.