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Search Engine Optimising

Search engines are fickle beasts but ultimately you’re going to want to learn how to tame them if you have a website that you want people to be able to find.There are plenty of people out there with fantastic sites but unfortunately if they’re not listed in the search engines then even the best sites will more than likely remain undiscovered.Refresh Cartridges enjoyed a surge of hits recently when Google, the worlds most popular search engine placed our site at the top of their lists when a user searched for the word ‘cartridge’ - it stayed this way for 2 weeks before someone else knocked us off but I know that we’ll be back.

Having spent the last year running a Internet mail order business I know a few things about getting a site listed in the search engines and for Read the rest

MSN Search

As those of you who read my columns regularly will testify, I am a great supporter of the underdog.There’s nothing I like more than when a company comes out of no where and provides real competition against one that has been established for a long period of time and is considered to have a monopoly in their particular market.

There is one primary reason for this way of thinking which is that it almost always benefits the consumer.Companies like AMD who produce processors and were once relatively small are now seriously competing against Intel which is resulting in technologies being continuously pushed forward and prices lowered as the two companies battle it out for market share.Had Intel retained its monopoly I’m sure that PC’s would not be at the level of speed and affordability they are today and the fact that AMD managed to eat into this market on what Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising #3

After following the last 2 weeks articles you should be in a position where you’ve optimised your site for the search engines, successfully submitted it and worked out a strategy to enable your site to be picked up by all the smaller engines by creating a number of links to your site from external pages which the search engines can follow.

This week we’re going to look at ways to monitor how your search engine optimisation is going as this will allow you to check that everything is working properly and also to improve the techniques you are using to create maximum exposure.

Use a Hitcounter – Hitcounters are extremely useful when determining where your traffic is coming from and how many people are visiting your site on a daily basis.One useful and free counter that I have found is the Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising #2

Last week we started talking about how you can get your site listed well on the major search engines by following just a few simple rules, starting with how to optimise your page to be seen through the eyes of a search engine.This week we’re moving on by assuming that your site is now optimised but not listed and so we’ll be covering the tactics involved in getting the search engines to pay you that important initial visit.Listen closely and all will become clear.

-Arrange reciprocal links.Many search engines find sites to add to their databases through jumping from site to site by following links from another page.For example if I were to put a link to you on my page then eventually most the search engines that use ‘spiders’ should find you just by jumping on to your page Read the rest

Search Engines

This week I’m going to take a break from answering readers’ questions to discuss the most efficient way of searching for material on the Internet over International, National and Local scales.My decision to write an article on this came when I realised that many new starters to the Internet did not realise how easy and efficient it is to use a search engine to look for information they are interested in.These search engines are actual sites on the Internet that have a huge directory containing the majority of websites that are registered on the Internet and exactly what information they contain so that the average Internet user only has to type in what he is after and the search engine will return sites that match his or her criteria.

Okay then, first things first, let us assume that you’ve just logged Read the rest

Alternative search engine

Whilst searching for a broad range of search engines on which to promote my website I recently stumbled across a site which I hadn’t seen or heard of in the past which is actually shockingly good.For the last couple of years, Google has been my search engine of choice and is still in the majority of cases the first site that I’ll go to when searching for information on the Internet although the original layout of the site that I’m going to cover today definitely earns it a position as one of my favourites.

Kartoo ( is a meta engine which means that it searches more than one database at a time when you look for something on the Internet so that if, for example you typed in ‘houses for sale’ then it may question both AltaVista and Yahoo to bring Read the rest


I came across an interesting search engine the other day which appears to be heading in a completely different direction to practically anything else available at present.As you probably know, search engines function by using crawlers that search the Internet endlessly picking up new and revised content and then cataloguing the whole lot neatly in a central database.When a user types in a phrase, the search engine refers to this database and, by using a number of algorithms, returns the sites that it feels most appropriate.

The relatively new search engine Mahalo (Hawaiian for ‘Thank-You’) puts a spin on proceedings by pitching itself as a human powered search engine.Of course this doesn’t mean that whenever you perform a search that humans immediately start searching the net for relevant material, but rather that contributors create their own results pages which are then returned when a specific search is performed.The idea verges Read the rest

Making the most of Google

Whilst the development of the Google search engine has been pretty stagnant recently it is still my search engine of choice and this week I’ll be telling you how to get the most from it.I’m sure all of you at one stage or another have used Google ( although by just using limited search terms you are restricting the features on offer to you.Please note that the inverted commas are just used for the basis of making this article a little clearer and you wouldn’t type them in to Google.

-The most basic feature is to simply type in your search phrase – ‘herald express click article’ for example which will return a list of pages that contain some or all of those terms.

-If you type a phrase in to Google in between a pair of quotation marks then only pages with that exact phrase Read the rest

It seems to be rare nowadays to see a website advertised on the TV after the recent crisis in the .com industry and so it’s refreshing to see the site always advertised during prime time viewing.As one of those sites that attempts to cover a broad spectrum of services I thought it was about time that it was reviewed for Click.

The site itself is essentially nothing more than a collection of search engines tailored towards specific categories, from jobs to lettings all accessible from the one front page.So, from the start we have the ability to do a quick search for cars, a quick search for jobs or a quick search for houses in an area of our choosing subject to several search restrictions which we can place such as maximum price, number of bedrooms etc.There are also links Read the rest

Long term data storage – SSD, Internet, Magneto Optical

Last week I spoke about a gentleman I met who was creating a family time capsule and had come to me to ask the most effective way of achieving data that he wished to be available past beyond his lifetime.

The question is an interesting one as when you look in to the technology available you realise that many forms of media are simply incapable of storing important data for more than a couple of years. By way of example, a couple who videotape the early years of their child on to a DVD disc may be disappointed when ten years down the line the data has been destroyed by way of natural degradation of the media.

The last article already discussed the pros and cons of Hard Drives, Optical Media, Flash Drives, conventional Paper and Tape drives and so this week conclude with the remaining options I would consider:… Read the rest