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It’s not often it happens, but occasionally an application will come along that simply forces you to sit back and mutter ‘wow’ in sheer amazement. Google Earth was probably the last application that prompted this reaction from me until this week when I started playing with a free application called ‘Spotify’.

You’d be forgiven [...]


Something that I haven’t given a huge amount of thought to in the past is the subject of encryption. This was until the subject was bought up today by a customer of mine who was considering the purchase of a USB Flash Drive but explained it was to replace one that he had mislaid [...]


Instant messenger services are more popular than ever and over the past couple of years I’ve been able to get around to reviewing a handful of them. These applications offer a free and convenient way for Internet users to chat one another, usually through simple text dialogue.

Unfortunately [...]

Telewest Broadband

I am often asked for my opinions on the different broadband suppliers available and every time I am forced to say that by far the best broadband product that I have ever come across would have to be the one provided by Telewest. Unfortunately it doesn’t [...]