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Over three years ago my web developer at Refresh Creations wrote an article which I published dealing with the question of formatting a hard drive so that the contents were completely unrecoverable. Whether you plan to sell your computer on at the end of its life,recycle it,give it to charity or even chuck [...]

Google Chrome

I’m considering giving up my reviews of Internet browsers in the future;things are changing far too quickly to keep abreast of developments and it seems once I’ve got on top of things the entire playing field changes dramatically and I have to start again from scratch. Some might argue that I spend too much [...]


My business partner at our webdesign company Refresh Creations recently started talking to me about wiping all data from a computer that I was set to sell on eBay. The computer in question had a fair amount of sensitive information on it and he seemed horrified that I was just going to wipe the hard [...]

Distributed Computing

Distributed computing has been around for very many years. Some of my more long term readers will remember that way back in 2002 I featured a program called SETI @ Home which was designed to use the power of thousands of home computers together in order to search for extra-terrestrial radio signals amongst the stars.


PC Anywhere

I have several PC’s that I need to use in my office and at home but in order to minimise effort moving between them continuously I have been using a piece of software called PC Anywhere to manage these machines remotely if for example I need to retrieve an e-mail [...]


I’m starting Click this week with an apology relating to the article that I published last week in which I mentioned an insurance quote I had received through Bartlett Davies Bicks and suggested that it was higher than I would have expected. This caused some upset and so I would [...]


This week has been one of those weeks where there have been a million and one things to catch up on and so I was hoping for a fairly quiet week which would allow me to do this. Not likely;my phone has been ringing continuously with people all experiencing the same [...]

Seasons Greetings.

Since we’re on the run up to Christmas I thought we’d take a lighthearted break this week from learning about Firewalls,Anti-Virus programs and LCD Monitors and instead I’ve decided to publish the following e-mail which landed in my inbox this week. Finding any computer related jokes that’s slightly funny [...]

Readers Questions

This week I’ll again spend a bit of time answering a selection of readers’ questions in the hope that I can resolve some of your most common problems.

I have been following your Click column in the Herald Express [...]

Keeping your computer up to date

Once you’ve worked with computers for even a moderate amount of time,there’s one thing that you’ll notice time and time again -Software never works correctly the first around. If you were to buy a car from Audi,you wouldn’t expect to have to take [...]