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BT iPlate

I’ve been writing just recently about slow broadband connections and discussing common methods used to improve line speeds. This week I was pointed in the direction of a little device which claims to potentially increase the speed of your broadband connection for just under £7.

The BT iPlate is of potential use to broadband customers [...]

Superfast Broadband

There is a new breed of superfast broadband approaching which will be welcome news to the majority of the British public that are currently stuck with a maximum top speed of 8Mbps.

It is undeniable that Broadband take-up in the UK has been huge;the majority of the public now access the Internet via a [...]

Vista SP2 and Cheap Broadband

We have two things to discuss today;Vista Service Pack 2 and cheap broadband.

Starting off with Vista;those of you with this Operating System would be advised to download the Service Pack from or via Windows Update as along with fixing hundreds of little bugs [...]


This week,regular reader Ian McMillan wrote to me noting a website which until now I haven’t mentioned. I have printed his letter below as I thought it would be of interest to anyone who regularly uses video sharing websites such as YouTube.

Google SketchUp

My partner has recently decided that it is a good idea if we start redecorating and redesigning my house however unfortunately it looks like a large number of our plans will consist of taking a sledgehammer to the interior walls of the building. I really do have very limited skills when [...]

Reader Contribution

This week has been pretty hectic for me,so for todays Click article I’m going to hand over to my most avid contributor,Ian McMillan,for a few updates on the IT industry as he sees it.

One of the biggest stories in the computer world recently [...]

Readers Questions

It’s time once again for me to hand over to one of my regular readers who has a few handy nuggets of information he would like to pass along to us.

The big story in the computer world this week is the fuss that has been made [...]

Google Web Accelerator

After spending last week look at a dial up Internet accelerator which wasn’t recommended for broadband I thought this week that I’d do the opposite and take a look at a similar piece of software designed for broadband but not dial up connections.

Google Web Accelerator [...]

Voice over IP

One of the biggest growth areas in the computing industry of late has been the proliferation of Voice over IP packages and the resulting popularity of them amongst Internet users. For those of you unsure exactly what this technology is all about,keep reading as I could be about to save you a fortune.

BT Backup

It is very rare that BT does something to impress me but this week has been an exception. For some time now I have been worried about what were to happen if my computer were to fail;I’ve made the occasional backup onto DVD-R but apart from that I’m pretty [...]