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Connecting your Computer to a TV #2

Last week I discussed potential methods of connecting your PC or laptop to your television. Such an easy project has many potential rewards such as being able to play your games on a massive screen or avoiding the need to burn your downloaded movies to disc before playing them. While [...]

DVD Writing

I’ve had a long history of dealing with a locally based company SVP Communications which dates back to the days that I was at college and used to go around to the owners flat and pick up black CD’s and the such that he used to sell from his garage. [...]

PDA’s, Mobiles and PDA Combos

Last week we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the two mainstream styles of computer; the laptop and the PC. The third, and possibly more restrictive alternative would be to use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) however the mobile telecoms industry has recently presented a fourth option for those wanting [...]