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Silver Surfers

One of the Switch guys from above Refresh was today talking about Christmas and how his 96 year old grandma who lives in Canada extended her wishes on the day via webcam. Hearing James talk about this made me wonder what kind of difference the Internet can make in the life of someone who would [...]

Plasma vs. LCD

Just recently I heard the news that the key makers of Plasma TV’s have banded together to fight the rising popularity of LCD TV’s. It is fairly unprecedented move but understandable when you consider that LCD has taken over the market for TV’s smaller than 40inches and are now starting to encroach on the market [...]

Christmas Cards

When you are reading this it will be precisely one week until Christmas so it seems fairly apt that I spend this article talking about electronic Internet resources relating to the festive season,especially as Click won’t be published this time next week.

Handsfree Kits

I realise that last month a stated that I would be reviewing sites that would save people money on the run up to Christmas but as one of my readers helpfully pointed out,I had completely neglected to cover the new legislation coming into effect that bans the holding of [...]

Duty Free Perfume

How fast the last year appears to have gone;It seems only weeks ago that I was looking forward to the start of summer and as I sit here,Christmas is looming just around the corner with barely a month left until the big day and although I have no [...]