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The iPod Effect

In a time when everybody suddenly seems to be looking to Apple for the next exciting piece of new technology, I’m forced to look back and wonder when everything all of a sudden started to go ‘right’ for them.

Things haven’t always been this rosy for Apple; back in 2001 the ailing technology company [...]

Nokia N-Gage

I remember the days when a mobile phone was exactly what it said on the tin; my very first mobile was a Nokia 5110 which I purchased shortly after they first came out and at the time it was an incredible phone – ‘lightweight’, ‘well specced’ and ‘user friendly’ although [...]

Graphics Workshop Part 1: Digital Cameras

Recently the power of the home PC has reached such a level that it is possible to be used for advanced artistic applications, whether it is through the capture and manipulation of sound, video or pictures. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to look at several items of [...]

Internet on the Move

Over the past 14 weeks, we have explored how to access the Internet and accomplishing many useful tasks using your home PC. This is all very well, but should you wish to work on the move, you are restricted to just a few options: First off, laptop computers. These are [...]