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Operating System History

I think the mark of a true geek is someone who can actually partake in a meaningful conversation relating to a technology which was pioneered half a decade before they were even born. This realisation comes after yours truly found himself today discussing the old CP/M Operating System with our web guy and the PC [...]

Microsoft Simple Basic

Something I believe should be missed most about the 8-Bit Computer era (think Commodore 64’s, Sinclair Spectrums and Amstrad CPC 464’s) is the BASIC programming language which was built in to pretty much every one of these machines. BASIC not only allowed users to make their own programs, but also acted as the primary computer [...]

Microsoft SkyDrive

Transferring information between computers is easier now than it ever has been. I remember back in the days of my Commodore 64 when it was near impossible to exchange information between different machines unless they were of exactly the same manufacturer and model and had compatible peripherals. Modems were primitive devices that few had [...]

The Commodore Legacy – Part II

Last week I started talking about the history of the now bankrupt computer manufacturer Commodore; a company that undeniably had a profound effect on the IT industry.

We left off last week after talking about the Commodore 64. This was a machine priced so aggressively that, along with [...]


One of the things that really makes the PC stand out from any of its rivals, consoles included is its adaptability; one minute it can be a games machine and then the next an Internet browser or a powerful Payroll system.

This week we’re going [...]

Genuine Tech Support Calls.

We’ll take the week off from learning this week for a little bit of light humour. I know that many of you feel that your computer skills are maybe a little to be desired, I’m sure you’ll all cringe at some of the stupid calls that have [...]