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Microsoft Simple Basic

Something I believe should be missed most about the 8-Bit Computer era (think Commodore 64’s, Sinclair Spectrums and Amstrad CPC 464’s) is the BASIC programming language which was built in to pretty much every one of these machines. BASIC not only allowed users to make their own programs, but also acted as the primary computer [...]

Google PageRank

I often trump Google as being my Search Engine of choice and one of the main reasons behind this is due to the relevancy of the results that it returns. Most would just take these results for granted but I believe that sometimes it’s nice to know what factors contributed to a page being recommended [...]

Keeping your computer healthy – Part 3

As promised last week, we will continue to look at the essential ways in which to keep your system in top shape and the easiest ways to minimise the number of technical support calls that you will have make in the coming years that you own your PC. By simply [...]