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Operating System History

I think the mark of a true geek is someone who can actually partake in a meaningful conversation relating to a technology which was pioneered half a decade before they were even born. This realisation comes after yours truly found himself today discussing the old CP/M Operating System with our web guy and the PC [...]

Wireless Security

This week I was in a moral dilemma;we have just moved in to the new house and haven’t yet got a phone line or broadband connection. Writing and sending my Click article does require a certain amount of Internet access and so resigned myself to travelling back to the office at ten o’clock on [...]

New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year that we start making a list of resolutions for the coming year and as such I’d like to be bold enough to suggest a couple of things that you may like to adopt in to your computing lives of 2008. As these are mainly bullet points I’ve included links to [...]

FoxIt PDF Reader

At some point in our computing lives we will almost certainly stumble across a PDF (Portable Document File). These are extremely useful for transmitting a document,including any associated diagrams or pictures,in one single file which should look identical to the original on any compatible computer or mobile device. The fact that practically any [...]

Facebook vs. MySpace

I’ve been putting it off and off but this month,with my willpower in tatters,I bit the bullet and signed up for a Facebook account. Since I wrote an article about MySpace last year people have been telling me to give Facebook a go but I hoped it was just a phase they were [...]

PC or Mac?

The great thing about computer geeks has to be the passionate way that they can either loyally defend or implacably slate a particular system;fanatics are polarised so much by two competing platforms that only very rarely can some kind of sensible middle ground ever exist.

I remember [...]

USB Flash Drives

A good few years ago now,I wrote the first Click article to focus on USB Flash Drives and in it I rather optimistically sounded the death knell of the floppy disc which at the time was still very popular. Of course,I also thought the end was in sight when we were introduced to [...]

Toms Hardware

It appears that my article last week on Euro 2004 was a little bit of a jinx on the England squad and although my opinion of Swiss referees and David Beckham has gone down somewhat I suppose we should take defeat gracefully and admit that the better side won at [...]

Readers Question – Intrusive Pornographic icon.

This week I will dedicate to a letter I recently received from one of my readers who is experiencing problems with an intrusive file that she picked up whilst browsing the Internet.

I recently subscribed to a Newsgroup,and when I next [...]