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Playstation 3

Those who are looking for a new console this Christmas will be given the choice of either the Microsoft Xbox 360 console or the soon to be released Nintendo Wii. Things aren’t that simple however because there is also the Playstation 3 due to be released early next year raising the question as to whether [...]

Readers Questions

Once again I plan to help local readers out by answering a selection of computer questions that have recently been forwarded to me.

I enjoy your Click article in the Herald every week and have picked up some useful tips. I am not a [...]

GPS part 3

Last week I started discussing a £399 bundle deal which includes a Palm m130 PDA and a separate GPS module that plugs in to the back of the PDA to allow it to be able to act as a tracking device. Once installed this allows you to be able to tell exactly [...]

Keeping your computer up to date

Once you’ve worked with computers for even a moderate amount of time, there’s one thing that you’ll notice time and time again - Software never works correctly the first around. If you were to buy a car from Audi, you wouldn’t expect to have to take it [...]

Mobile Essentials

Having started at Cardiff University this week I thought I would take the chance of using a couple of articles in order to discuss some essentials for mobile computing on the move. There is the obvious essential ownership of a laptop computer that I have discussed in weeks gone [...]

Keeping your computer healthy – Part 2

As you may remember last week we discussed the use of Scandisk and System File checker as tools to keep your computer in healthy running order. This article will continue on from where we left off last week.

For those of you who missed the first part of this series, [...]

Internet Chat Rooms

This week I’m going to cover an area which needs really more than one article to do the subject matter any justice; chatting on the Internet. I have little doubt that many of you would have used e-mail in the past to communicate to other Internet users, but what if [...]