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Vista SP2 and Cheap Broadband

We have two things to discuss today; Vista Service Pack 2 and cheap broadband.

Starting off with Vista; those of you with this Operating System would be advised to download the Service Pack from or via Windows Update as along with fixing hundreds of little bugs [...]


This week the following question has prompted me to revise and republish an article that I printed last year as I believe that the program I recommend should still be one that all users have installed on their machine.

A question I have been [...]


Regular reader Jean Birkett e-mailed me this week commenting on the fact that Tiscali Broadband had now put their prices down and asked me since her modem was currently trundling along at 26.4kbps was it worth her now upgrading to broadband? Although I replied to her with a simple [...]

Readers Questions

This week I’ll again spend a bit of time answering a selection of readers’ questions in the hope that I can resolve some of your most common problems.

I have been following your Click column in the Herald Express for some time [...]