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Image Resolution FAQ

A question I’m currently receiving on a weekly basis is ‘how many pictures will I be able to fit on this’ when a customer is referring to the size of memory card or USB Flash Drive. Understanding image resolution and size is important in this digital age and although the intricacies are incredibly complex,the [...]

Smaller alternatives

There seems to be a tendency in the IT industry of applications increasing in both size and resource usage with every new version that’s released. In some instances such increases are unavoidable however often it seems to be a case of lazy programming as old versions are rehashed by having new bits ‘bolted on’ rather [...]

Digital Cameras

A scary realisation hit me a few weeks back when a relative asked if I had a photo of myself that they could have to add to a family album that was being prepared as part of a birthday present for my Granddad. After around ten minutes of looking I realised that [...]

Readers suggestions

Once again I’ll take the time off this week to help one of my readers take care of their computer woes.

I wonder if you could help,I am looking for some free software which “undeletes” pictures from an SD media card. I accidentally (believe it or [...]

Readers suggestions

There’s a philosophy that rarely disappoints in this world and it goes something along the lines that if you’re too lazy to do something yourself then let someone else stand up and do the job for you. This week Ian McMillian wrote to me with a long letter of suggestions for Click and since I’ve [...]

Digital Camera

I’ve always been a fan of digital cameras as the way I see it they are helping encourage amateur photography in the lives of so many people as you no longer need a great deal of equipment to take fantastic photos;all you need is a semi decent digital camera,[...]

Graphics Workshop Part 4:Graphics Software

On the fourth week of the graphics workshop feature,lets look back over the previous weeks;so far we have covered the subject of getting photo’s onto your computer using scanners and digital cameras and how to get them off your computer using a printer. However,what do you do [...]

Graphics Workshop Part 1:Digital Cameras

Recently the power of the home PC has reached such a level that it is possible to be used for advanced artistic applications,whether it is through the capture and manipulation of sound,video or pictures. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to look at several items of [...]

Teaching resources

As discussed in last weeks Click,today and next week we will be looking at the resources available to all groups of people in Torbay when it comes to computer tuition,either for people who have never used a PC before or those who want a refresher course. As you [...]