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Making the most of Google

Whilst the development of the Google search engine has been pretty stagnant recently it is still my search engine of choice and this week I’ll be telling you how to get the most from it. I’m sure all of you at one stage or another have used Google ( although by just using limited search [...]

Epson CX3200

I’ve never been a big fan of multifunction devices for the PC; they include a scanner, photocopier and a printer all in built into one unit but I’ve found that they tend to sacrifice quality on all three components. The modern devices that have begun appearing on the market tend to be [...]

Graphics Workshop Part 2: Scanners

Last week in Click we looked at the advent of new technology being put to use in cameras; by integrating digital technology it has been possible to produce cameras that don’t use film and therefore don’t need developing, you also gain the advantage of being able to select which pictures [...]