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ISO Format

One of the most common file types used in the distribution of software over the Internet is the .ISO format;these single files contain within them an exact copy of an entire CD or DVD disc. They are ideal because rather than having dozens,hundreds or even of thousands of files to transport you only [...]

Rotten Tomatoes

I find it difficult to accurately convey how much I dread that feeling of regret when,after having had high expectations for a movie,you put it in the player and it turns out to be truly awful. Those two hours of wasted life can never be reclaimed but fortunately for all of us I [...]


Another common 21st century buzzword is ‘podcast’ which is a curious portmanteau of the words iPod and Broadcast;the iPod being,of course,a popular portable MP3 player developed by Apple. The term is used to describe a technology that allows a user to automatically download an audio file of some description for listening to [...]


A consistent problem that we’re having at Refresh is customers purchasing DVD discs and then returning them as being ‘faulty’ because they refuse to work correctly on their machines. Once they come back in to store we then run a couple of tests and they check out as being absolutely fine meaning that quite often [...]

New Years Eve

If my calculations are correct then you should be reading this article on New Years Eve so I thought that I’d make Click this week just a little bit topical. Although it is traditionally seen as quite difficult to combine a computer related article to a time of the year involving copious amounts of drinking [...]

One site that I have always believed to be under appreciated is which hosts many thousands of programs which are either completely free of charge or free to try for a certain period. Many of the programs online are extremely useful and can be downloaded without having to subscribe or to give any personal [...]

NHS Direct

Be prepared to give me sympathy because this week has been pretty poor for me on the health side of things;it seems that whenever I meet anyone who’s feeling the slightest bit poorly that I attract the illness like a magnet and manage to cling on to it for [...]