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Paint.Net v3.5 is an application I’ve found myself using on a day to day basis over the last couple of years. In my opinion it’s a perfect bridge between the ridiculously simple but underpowered ‘Microsoft Paint’ that’s bundled with Windows and the powerful but expensive to buy and difficult to learn ‘Adobe Photoshop’.

The majority of [...]


It’s not often it happens,but occasionally an application will come along that simply forces you to sit back and mutter ‘wow’ in sheer amazement. Google Earth was probably the last application that prompted this reaction from me until this week when I started playing with a free application called ‘Spotify’.

You’d be forgiven for [...]

EASUS Partition Master -Home Edition 3.5

Modern day hard drives are continuing to leap forwards in terms of their storage capacity and,as a result,the prospect of dividing a large drive in to several partitions becomes increasingly tempting.

Partitioning a drive up in to several smaller segments allows [...]


Sometimes I miss not seeing what I would call the stereotypical 80’s businessman;I was a little too young to take note at the time but when I look back I always envisage a man with a long black ponytail,dressed in an expensive suit and carrying a briefcase. This briefcase would surely contain a [...]


Some time ago I reviewed an application called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) as I was getting tired of using Photoshop for relatively simple image manipulation tasks. One cannot deny that Photoshop is an extremely competent and extensive program but it is also extremely resource hungry and not to mention expensive;it seemed somewhat akin [...]


One topic that I get asked about more than any other is that of Spyware &Adware – Software installed without the knowledge of the user in order to track your computer usage habits or expose you to advertising. The majority of you are probably fed up with me bleating on about how to scan [...]