Recap on the year

I had every intention of writing an article this week somehow linking computers and Christmas however as the two really aren’t related in any way, shape or form I have once again given up on this idea and decided to do something completely different. Close to the end of the year I thought it might [...]

Calling Services

I recently talked about Voice over IP (VoIP) and how it could save you money by routing your calls over the Internet but unfortunately such a service isn’t always suitable for most users as although the sound quality is improving and the service becoming easier to set up it still isn’t quite as simple as [...]

ISDN Lines

For any of you that have been on the Internet recently, you may of noticed that it is seems surprisingly slow. You’d have thought that in the 21st Century, when our computers are now thousands of times faster than they were only 15 years ago that we’d have come up with something far [...]