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Pidgin - Multiple Instant Messenger ServicePidgin -Multiple Instant Messenger Service

If like me,you find yourself juggling multiple messenger applications to keep your friends,family and colleagues happy you will be glad to hear about Pidgin. Formally known as Gaim,Pidgin is an open-source messaging program that allows the simultaneous use of multiple instant messenger services through one application.

Available as a free of charge [...]

64 Bit Computing

There is a lot being said about Windows Vista at the moment along with the normal paranoia keeping users away that usually occurs when Microsoft release a new Operating System. I’m surprised by the number of people I know who have bought a new computer in the last couple of months and paid more to [...]

Computing Myths

Back in the day when I used to repair PC’s I used to hear some fantastically misinformed facts regarding PC’s and thought that when I retired from that industry and switched to selling consumables that these days would be over. Unfortunately,I then invited my good friends at Switch Computer Support to share our building [...]

Windows XP Service Pack 2

This week sees the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2;another monster update developed by Microsoft to close a number of holes in their Windows XP Operating System. Most of you will know the procedure by now -Go to the Microsoft website,download [...]

How Stuff Works

We’ve all been in the situation;you’re sat down the pub or with at home with the family and the subject of conversation moves towards ‘how this work…..’ or ‘what does happens when…..’ and more often or not it is discovered that no one knows [...]