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Predictions for 2009

With a New Year looming it seems appropriate to look to what the coming year holds for us from a technology perspective. Although the lack of anything major on the horizon almost caused me to shelve the idea, I am an eternal optimist and so must look forward in anticipation of [...]

Windows Power Options

One of my loyal readers Ian McMillan suggested that perhaps I should focus an article on the power options available in Windows as the most people won’t get any further than using the ‘shut down’ option when they have finished using their machine and there are some potentially more useful options available to users of [...]

LCD monitors vs. CRT Monitors

Whilst the PC industry steams forward increasing the specification of the machines that we use, giving us the fastest processors and the biggest hard disks which offer us the ultimate in efficiency to get our work done as quickly as possible, a lot of users seem to neglect one area of the [...]