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Superfast Broadband

There is a new breed of superfast broadband approaching which will be welcome news to the majority of the British public that are currently stuck with a maximum top speed of 8Mbps.

It is undeniable that Broadband take-up in the UK has been huge; the majority of the public now access the Internet via a broadband [...]

Wireless Security

This week I was in a moral dilemma; we have just moved in to the new house and haven’t yet got a phone line or broadband connection. Writing and sending my Click article does require a certain amount of Internet access and so resigned myself to travelling back to the office at ten o’clock on [...]

Web OS

It was suggested to me this week that perhaps I should do an article on the fairly recent developments in the field of web Operating Systems although I’ll be honest that I started out not really understanding the point of such a concept and even after researching this article I’m afraid to say that I [...]

MSN Messenger 6

I am still quite shocked at the number of people who don’t know about the existence of MSN Messenger which is built into many versions of Windows and also is freely available from This handy little tool allows you to chat with people over the Internet, offering the spontaneity [...]

Blueyonder Internet Access

This letter arrived in my inbox last week which I thought I’d respond to in Click since I did promise the full lowdown on the Telewest Broadband Service a couple of weeks back once I’d had it installed.

I was just reading your column in the Herald Express (our cuttings [...]

Blueyonder Internet Access

I believe that once again it’s that time where I should talk once again about the my complete inability to be able to get broadband seemingly anywhere in Torbay; many of you may remember my problems in securing this always on, fast Internet access at my old address and the miscommunication I [...]