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Launch Music Site

One of the most fantastic websites that I’ve discovered this month would have to be one called ‘Launch’ which has been bought to us by Yahoo - seemingly, out of nowhere came this excellent Internet site which allows you to pick from hundreds of music videos, MP3’s and artist interviews all completely free of charge [...]

Google Earth

You may remember two weeks ago that I reviewed the Google Maps website and got quite excited about the satellite imagery contained with allowed you to type in a place name and zoom right in to view it from space. I was aware at the time of a new program on the horizon called Google [...]

One site that I have always believed to be under appreciated is which hosts many thousands of programs which are either completely free of charge or free to try for a certain period. Many of the programs online are extremely useful and can be downloaded without having to subscribe or to give any personal [...]

What’s on When

There are many things in this world that continue to amaze me every single day that I’m alive but few of these astound me as much as my parents seeming obsession with their camper van. Pretty much every weekend they’ll head off into pastures new in what would appear a [...]

Online Holidays #2

Last week we started discussing the advantages of booking holidays and flights over the Internet and although this is one of the most helpful features of the Net for home users, one thing that remains popular is the ability to make last minute bookings online - the Internet has made [...]

Questions and Answers #2

This week I will answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having with their computers.

Dear Chris,

I would like to produce [...]