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Vista SP2 and Cheap Broadband

We have two things to discuss today;Vista Service Pack 2 and cheap broadband.

Starting off with Vista;those of you with this Operating System would be advised to download the Service Pack from or via Windows Update as along with fixing hundreds of little bugs [...]

Browser Wars #2

We started last week by looking at the initial browser wars of the mid to late 1990’s which saw Microsoft triumphing over a very prolific company of the time,Netscape. For a long time Netscape enjoyed a huge share of the browser market before Microsoft developed Internet Explorer,gave it away for free and bundled [...]


A few days ago I watched the Tonight program on ITV,as I thought that the subject that they were covering might make for an interesting Click article this week. The subject in question was the new evil that has come to be known as ‘CyberBullying’which involves individuals filming attacks,and then posting them [...]


Instant messenger services are more popular than ever and over the past couple of years I’ve been able to get around to reviewing a handful of them. These applications offer a free and convenient way for Internet users to chat one another,usually through simple text dialogue.

This week I’m going to do something a little bit unusual in Click;something that I don’t normally do. Almost every week I go in search of the best free software for you guys to download and give it my full recommendation but instead this week I’m going to review a piece of software that [...]

Broadband Britain

It has been a quite a while now since I last got up on to my soap box and banged on about the advantages of broadband and how all but the most infrequent Internet users should consider making the move. A lot has changed over the last months and broadband rollout across the UK is [...]

Voice over IP

One of the biggest growth areas in the computing industry of late has been the proliferation of Voice over IP packages and the resulting popularity of them amongst Internet users. For those of you unsure exactly what this technology is all about,keep reading as I could be about to save you a fortune.

Readers Questions – E-mail Spam

Once again I’ll take the take out this week to help out with any problems that my readers have been experiencing.

I usually read your column in the [...]

Online Holidays #2

Last week we started discussing the advantages of booking holidays and flights over the Internet and although this is one of the most helpful features of the Net for home users,one thing that remains popular is the ability to make last minute bookings online -the Internet has made [...]

Readers Questions

With the number of e-mails I have received off of readers this week,I think that it won’t be too long before I have to have an article dedicated every week just to answer all your questions,please keep them coming in and I’ll do my best to reply to [...]